How To Set Up Time Of Day Bid Adjustments


How To Set Up Time Of Day Bid Adjustments

What is Ad Scheduling in Google Ads and How to Set Up Time of Day Bid Adjustments – 

As we humans evolve every day, our technologies are also enhancing every day. The way of marketing and pursuing your target audience has changed a lot and it is becoming more and more accurate and precise every day. 

Google is one of the most prominent search engines which provides a bunch of products and services for your business to grow and optimize your marketing strategies. Google Ads are the best way a business can advertise their business competitively in a cost-effective way. 

With Google Ads, you can set filters to your ad campaigns based on the location, device, demographics, days and timings. Utilising the in-built tools of Google Ads helps your business to craft the best-ever marketing strategies. Moreover, bidding in Google Ads supports you in getting the right kind of audience for your business at competitive prices. 

There are multiple types of bid adjustments you can have with Google Ads but we are going to focus on how to set up time of day bid adjustments in Google Ads.  

Bid adjustments offer a lot more flexibility to make your campaign successful. You can use more than one bid adjustment in your campaign to get the maximum out of it – though it may make your campaign a little bit complex.  

Before we jump into optimizing days and time for Google Ads, let’s have a look at the types of bid adjustments – 

Types of Bid Adjustments –

Device – 

Adjust your bids based on the device it is being searched on. For example, higher bids for mobile devices and lower bids for computer devices. 

Location – 

Adjust your bids based on the location of particular countries, cities and specific areas. 

Ad Scheduling – 

Adjust your bids based on the days and timings of ads being displayed. 

Remarketing Lists For Search Ads – 

Adjust your bids based on the interaction they have had with your brand and business. 

Interactions – 

Adjust your bids for call interactions and other mobile-based extensions. 

Demographics – 

Adjust your bid to target potential customers based on the audience’s age, gender, income and other important factors.  

As we now know the types of bid adjustment for Google Ads, let’s have a granular look at ad scheduling bids and how to optimize them. 

What Is Ad Scheduling Or Dayparting In Google Ads? 

If you have been running Google Ads, you would be having enough data to analyse the best performing days and times. 

To get the valuable information of your Google AdSense, go to the Dimensions tab and see what time and days are working the best for your ads. This is known as dayparting and ad scheduling in technical terms. 

Here Are 5 Steps To Setting Up Google Ads Scheduling – 

Step 1 – 

Jump to the Dimension tab of a particular campaign you want to focus on before creating an ad schedule or excluding days of the week. You can also look across the entire account if you have one or two campaigns having a similar focus.  

(Dimension Tab SS here) 

Step – 2 

After opening the Dimensions tab, navigate to the “View” drop-down button and scroll down to the “Time” option. There you will see an option to select “Day of the week” and “Hour of the day.” 

(Dayparting in Google SS here)  

Step 3

Analysing the days and times that are the most profitable and performing the best with regards to your PPC goals. Plus, ensure that the data you are analysing is significant enough to create an ad schedule based on that. Examining and considering the previous record is the best way to plan your future ad campaigns.  

Step 4

As you have analysed the previous data, it is now time to create a unique ad schedule for the maximum results possible. Go to the “Settings” tab within the campaign that you want to adjust and then select “Ad Schedule.” 

(SS of Ad Schedule Setting) 

Step – 5 

Once you decide the days and time you want to schedule your ads, scroll down and select the red “+ AD SCHEDULE” button to select the days and hours of the week. Moreover, don’t forget to adjust bids according to the data you have. Use “Set bid adjustments” to bid higher or lower on certain days according to the results it provides. 

(SS of Ad Schedule here) 

Additional Tips – 

Google Ads is a perfect combination of an easy and complicated process. Though you may have analysed all the data and set the ad campaigns accordingly, don’t forget to keep monitoring your account and try new things on a trial basis first to conclude your experiment outcomes. Also, look for the patterns in the new ad schedule and make future adjustments accordingly. 

The best days and times for you totally depend on your business type. For example, if you have a hotel resort – the best days would be Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you have a B2B model, Monday to Friday during working hours would be the best performing measures for you. 

Nonetheless, there would be some industries that won’t find a particular dayparting value. For example, B2C businesses don’t have particular peak hours as they have a consistent flow of foot traffic. 

Identify the types of responses you are getting from your ad campaigns. For example, whether you are getting more form fill-ups or more calls for queries. This will help you in creating more successful campaigns in future. For example, if your campaign is getting the highest number of responses on Monday from 10 AM to 3 PM then set higher bids for that particular time. 

Other than timings and days of the week, keep in mind other important factors along the way. Sometimes two queries look identical yet one converts and another doesn’t. In such cases, figure out other factors like location, keywords being targeted, demographics and devices they are using. All of these play a major influence on the conversion rate.

Multipliers can be set from -100% to +900% for various dimensions in AdWords. Some of it can be set only on the campaign level while others can be set at the ad group level. One thing to remember here is that, when you have multipliers set at both campaign and ad group level, granular ad group level multipliers would always take precedence. 

Conclusion – 

Google AdSense is one of the most amazing tools out there and bids adjustment based on various factors is the diamond of the king’s crown. The steps and additional tips are discussed in the blog above! Following all the steps and tips will definitely give you guaranteed results.  

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