On 24th November 2020, Google announced that it had launched new and improved crawl stats within Google Search Console.

This update is quite useful for all the web developers, SEOs, and business owners to monitor their site’s graph.

According to Google, this new update will enable you to get a chart showing your crawl over time, displaying the total crawl requests over a period or by day, the total amount of downloaded data, and average response time.

Moreover, in this new feature of Google Console, the latest version of crawl stats will include the total number of requests grouped by response code, crawled file type, crawl purpose, and Googlebot type along with detailed information on host status. Not only that, but it also shows specific URL examples to display where a website’s requests happened and an overview of properties with various hosts and support for domain properties.

By applying this new update, website owners can see 90 days of accounting of downloaded files from Googlebot like images, PDFs, CSS, JavaScript, and many more. By looking at the crawl patterns of a website, we can determine whether a website is performing well or not.

And sometimes it really becomes tough to understand why your website is not performing well but now with the latest update of Google crawl will make it easier for web developers, SEOs, and businesses to understand the true reasons behind the performance of their website- Be it good or bad. Once they understand the reasons, it becomes smooth to work on it and improve the website.

By collecting the data from the Googlebot, website holders can gain insightful information followed by actionable plans.


Smrutri KakkadDigital Marketing Manager

After graduating from Be.IT, Smruti decided to gain her expertise in the field of digital marketing. Be it SEO or Paid advertising; she knows how to make it work like a pro. Plus, she likes to watch a variety of movies and has a great taste of cloth fashion. Leading a team with a great level of motivation and inspiration is what she is known for.

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