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From idea – development and marketing-management; NFlow does everything- no matter about how your complex mobile app is. Our proficiency to meet your demand, stems from our team who are pro in iOS and have years of experience in global software services. “One size just do not fit all” – Our every client has different requirements, so we tailor our mobile application development process by making the use of right tools and right methodologies. We help you to amplify your business across every vertical business domain by harnessing the power of mobile app development.

iOSApp Design


We are the strategist. We are the designers. We are the full-stack iPhone app developers who know how to craft iOS 11 compatible mobile applications.

The applications that we build are not only beautifully designed but also leverage the latest technologies from the current iOS SDK to give an edge over competitors. Our iOS app designers are highly innovative and can create ntuitive user –experience for any mobile app.

At the end, you will get the complete package to entice your customer which can significantly increase customer retention and loyalty.

iOSApp Development


At NFlow, we have proficient iPhone and iPad application developers to build any iOS application. Our team has created innovative apps with quality UI in an extensive spectrum of iOS app development.

With expertise in sought-after technologies, as an iPhone app development company, our developers create tailored applications with iOS SDK software development kit. Our developers have transformed plain ideas into advanced iPhone app experiences using custom-build iOS app development know-how.

Whether you are looking for Apple dev solutions, or require building an application that would work evenly well across all Apple devices, we are here to assist you with our reliable services. Further, as a mobile app development company, we use swift programming as swift-based projects are both rapid to develop and easier to scale.


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MVP bulb_icon.svg Development

We use MVP development which brings in liveliness to mobile application development by the incredibly ground-breaking approach of build-measure-learn feedback loop. This is a superior and up-to-the-minute method to deliver more in less time.

At NFlow, we commence with the project ideation and identify the needs of an application. We then develop a minimum viable product acceptable as well as usable by the foremost set of users. The practical procedure of self-learning is enabled to constantly construct actionable metrics to keep getting better with the technical implementation of the app. The organized process includes development, testing, business analysis, and screening of the product.

So, right from entrepreneurs to product owners, all rely on NFlow, as an MVP Development Company. They bank upon our MVP software development services to make sure the success of their products.

  • Technical Implementation
  • Commercialization
  • Product Pricing
  • Ideation
  • Market & Beta Testing
  • Business Analysis
  • Development & Testing
  • Screening

iPad App Development

The access of the iPad has entirely transformed the idea of apps amongst the users. NFlow has made the best out of this opening by bringing up original iPad apps for its clientele.

We give you complete assurance that our knowledge and skill-sets will utterly benefit you on the iPad app development space. Our team is competent to leverage your app with iPad elite facets such as 3-axis accelerometer and pop-up interface. And we are not restricted to the old iPhone-like functionalities.

At NFlow, we are adept in reengineering processes and enabling user familiarity with high-quality development and practical usage of novel iPad built-in features.



Food & Beverage


The food industry being niche all over the globe faces tough times after the digital revolution. Millions of new start-ups are entering the food industry with the expectation to generate ROI. But, due to a lack of strategy and software solutions, this fails.

But we at NFLow can provide a strategic implementation of the software solution and mobile app that can cater to their customers with something new every day. We provide workflow management, supply chain, QA solutions to grow our client’s business. Apart from that, we provide BI and analytics for tracking historical data, sales, demand, custom data needs etc.

Our Process

1. Your Idea / Dream

At NFlow we create a sketch that could depict our idea roughly. This is the first step in the process which lays a foundation for UX designing. The sketch includes almost all the feature that is to be included in the final design.

2. Prototyping

We develop a wire-frame kind of architecture model with some special tool which serves as a neat mockup of what you have to develop in the end.

3. Design

After completing wireframes of every page, we step up with the design that can actually flesh out your app. With the different color, scheme, style, layout, font etc. our graphic designer will determine the perfection of the user interface.

4. Development

This is the phase where actual coding happens. The client will be frequently updated about the progress in their project. The tools and SDKs used will depend upon factors such as the platform for development.

5. Testing

We test your mobile app with different use-cases of testing and verify that every component is present in your app. We will take the feedback from experienced people to figure out whether your app’s functionality operates well or not.

6. App Submission

During this process we will make sure that your apps are properly configured for release; we will fill out several forms, submit a screenshot and marketing materials and write a description.

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