Secret Revealed – Top 6 Cool and Creative Ideas to Level Up Your Inbound Marketing Strategies


Secret Revealed – Top 6 Cool and Creative Ideas to Level Up Your Inbound Marketing Strategies

Think about the early ’20s and you won’t find as many internet-based companies as today. Businesses were highly dependent on referrals and inbound leads. Word of mouth was the biggest and strongest weapon to win more projects and expand the business further. 

Time has changed a lot and so do marketing techniques and strategies. But the only thing that hasn’t changed much is the power of inbound marketing. 

In this blog post, we have talked about the fundamentals of content marketing and top X cool and creative ideas to level up your inbound marketing strategies. 

Before talking about inbound marketing, let’s talk about some basic things you should be knowing about content marketing.  

In simple terms, content marketing is a way of adding value and promoting your business with the support of content. Content can be in any form, it could be text, audio, or video. 

Here Are Some Of The Basic Steps Of Content Marketing –  

1. Identify And Know Your Audience – 

It is important to understand the behaviour pattern and search intent of your target audience. Make your content audience-centric and solve all doubts they may have. 

2. Content Frequency – 

Set a frequency for publishing your content. Be it twice a week, once a week or thrice a week as per your convenience. 

3. Set a Tone Of Your Content – 

Be it educational, inspirational, promotional, entertaining or a mixture of all of these – set a tone and theme of your content to create a brand tone and voice. 

4. Focusing On Keywords And SEO – 

Along with the great quality content, it is important to add keywords and follow all other SEO activities to make your reach and visibility more powerful. 

5. Social Media Postings And CTA’s – 

Social media is a great way to provide proof and work of your business. Add Call-to-Action for all your content like blogs, social media posts, videos, and podcast content.  

Inbound Marketing 

As now you know the fundamentals of content marketing strategies, let’s talk about inbound marketing.  

In simple words, inbound marketing is a strategy of attracting clients by providing values in the form of free tips, information and strategies that work. When you provide value to your target audience, you establish your authority in the market and your clients can see that you have enough knowledge of your field. 

Having the identity of the subject expert and providing value is what all businesses do all the time but what differentiates your inbound marketing strategy from other businesses?  

If you have the same question in your mind, then this blog post is definitely for you as we have discussed the top 6 cool and creative ideas to level up your inbound marketing strategies. 

1. Run A Survey And Offer Free Products/services As Rewards – 

To share valuable information with your target audience, you need to collect them, analyse them and then distribute it across all the platforms. Here your business gets benefits in two ways – one collecting particular subject related information and collecting the information of your target audience – like name, contact details and other desired information. 

When you share the results of your survey with email/SMS marketing and on social media platforms; participants feel heard and valued as their opinion matters to your business. 

To be more specific, let’s have a look at the example,  

A brand wants to increase its social media followers without running paid ad campaigns. In this case, it is the best idea to offer free coupons for following and further rewards for referring your page and products to their connections. This way word of mouth spreads across your target market and you establish your authority faster. 

Running a survey and collecting the target audience’s data and utilising it in the best way possible is indeed the most effective inbound marketing strategy. 

A Common Sense Tip Here – 

“If you had to choose between an online review and a review from close friends or family, what would you choose? Of course, that of close friends and family.” 

Remember, the same applies to your business and its marketing. Never ever underestimate the power of word of mouth.  

2. Share All the Knowledge That You Have – 

As the Indian saying goes “Knowledge increases by sharing”, it is 100% true when it comes to inbound marketing strategy. 

When people come to know how exactly you work, they start trusting you, resulting in more leads and queries. 

Don’t keep any secret to yourself and let people know how you work. Don’t worry about them knowing all your secrets. There are many out there who know theories but applying that theory to practical life is a skill of only a few.  

Sharing useful information like simple tips & tricks, hacks and listicles result in great authority. 

3. Make Your Content Diverse – 

Along with sharing content in quantities and qualities, make it in multiple formats. Same as we don’t wish to have the same dish every day, consuming the same kind of content makes it boring for your audience. Everyone prefers to consume content in a different way. Create as diverse content as possible. Be it blogs, articles, infographics, reels, long videos (IGTV and YouTube video), or any other content you can think of. 

Creating content in various formats interests your target audience and keeps them engaged and interested. 

A study suggests that an inbound marketing campaign with a diverse content format receives more response compared to those with a similar content format.  

Additional Tip – 

“Be it any format, don’t forget to add a “Call-To-Action”(CTA) to your content as it drives an audience to take.”  

4. Utilize Your Longtail Keyword Based Content For Off-Page Activities – 

Other than your website, use your content for multiple purposes by sharing it on various blog posting sites and social media platforms and events. Sharing your content on various platforms will work as support to your content, website and business. Long-tail keywords are easy to target and have more clear search intent.   

5. Surprise Your Audience Occasionally – 

People like and recognize a brand that engages with its audience. Ask them genuine questions and engage them to quirk ideas and concepts. Think out of the box and experiment with your ideas. Surprising your audience keeps your business in focus and people will enquire about your business and thus getting more inbound leads. 

Here Are Some Ways To Surprise Your Audience While Getting Leads – 

Build a Loyalty Program – 

Reward your clients, partners, and employees to advocate for your brand to others. Encourage them to post online reviews, ask for their genuine feedback and share their experience with others. Reward your customers with vouchers or offers on your products or services. 

Building loyalty programs create additional traction and new opportunities for business and brand engagement as your business shares these testimonials with others to gain new leads and conversions. 

Run A Contest – 

Running a contest is another great way to enhance your brand and inbound traffic. Conduct creative and interesting content and promote it through various social media platforms. Create a buzz about your business and let people know how creative, innovative and engaging your brand is. 

Ask interesting questions and announce exciting offers for the most exciting answers and keep doing this on a regular basis to maintain the engagement. 

Create a Quiz – 

According to Buzzsumo, 82% of the people seeing a quiz in their social feed will try it. It is clearly seen that many brands overlook the significance of creating a quiz and keeping their audience engaged while collecting valuable information from them. A quiz is a simple yet fun way to generate leads. 

Moreover, based on the answers the audience has submitted, you can filter it to your sales funnel and utilize the data further. 

6. Make Your Email Signature Interesting and Updated Always – 

Updating email signature is the most underrated inbound marketing. Link all your social media platforms’ links attached with your mail signature. Include your latest offers in your mail signature and keep them updated. 

Conclusion – 

Marketing has been and always will be the soul of any business in the world. The ways of marketing your business change over a period of time. Experimenting with new ways to attract new customers is the essence of marketing. 

Though inbound marketing is quite a new concept, the technique is not. Apply all the ideas we have discussed and you will see great results in your marketing efforts for sure! 

Want a digital marketing expert to help you with your marketing strategy and overall online growth? Contact us today by filling out the form, and we will pop up in your inbox soon! 🙂  


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