The Ultimate Guide To Build Backlinks In 2021 (100% White Hat)


The Ultimate Guide To Build Backlinks In 2021 (100% White Hat)

Ask any SEO about the importance of backlinks, and they will not deny its significance in any way. When we talk about SEO, backlinks or also known as inbound links, are a set of links that redirects to your website. It could be in any form- texts, images, or buttons. Additionally, backlinks are one of the most popular ranking factors that push your website to a higher rank.  

Non-technically, we can say that backlinks are endorsements that a website gets from other websites. When Google has to gauge the authority or authenticity of a page, it will also consider these “endorsements” as highly valuable inputs. Let’s say if you have generated a good amount of backlinks for your website, then you are more likely to beat a page that has collected less or none. 

If you want to rank higher or survive the online market with excellence, it is necessary to collect a significant amount of high-quality backlinks supported by extraordinary content. 

For small businesses, it really becomes tough to get backlinks from highly reliable sources, but you must earn it as it will help you in the long run of search engine rankings. 

“Backlinking can increase your page rankings dramatically- Backlinko.” 

Even though SEO is a constantly evolving subject, Google’s search algorithm is still highly dependent on backlinks, to be more precise by 42%. So, indisputably, it is an important factor when it comes to improving the SEO of your website. Although it takes a good amount of time and effort to generate high-quality backlinks, it is certainly worth it as Google itself declares backlinks as one of the top 3 important ranking reasons. 

Why Are Backlinks So Important? 

In the world of SEO, backlinks are counted as “votes” that increase the credibility and authority of a website. The more backlinks you generate, the more chances of your website being on the top of Search Engine Results Pages ( SERPs). It was the case when Google was in its initial days, and it continues even today. Backlinks are the signs for Google that tell it that “This page is relevant, useful, informative, adds value and has great content.” However, one should not forget to build “quality links,” not quantity links. 

Bill Gates has rightly put so, “Content is King.” Be it in a text format, image, video, or audio; if you have something new, knowledgeable, and interesting to share, people will be more than happy to source your content as a backlink. What’s more? Great content is a way to make backlinks from more valuable resources. Creating content for your website may put you on the fence as it becomes tricky to build unique yet appealing and attractive content. But as you practice it more, you become a master of it over time. Utilize all the data and information that you have to offer to your audience – don’t just focus on your profits but think about what are the things that concern your audience the most and try to solve their problems. Taking it a step further, brainstorming, and putting some creativity on the table will add extra feathers to the crown of your king “content.”

In this post, we share 10 tried and tested ways to build killer backlinks that will boost your site’s ranking in 2021.

Long blogs and articles- 

Long-form content can cover a wide range of sub-topics under one main title, thus increasing the chances of getting backlinks. Moreover, long articles can throw light at in-depth of a subject-matter, providing more value to the receivers. 

“Top X” types 

This is another type of content that quickly looks at the best of the market. For example, “Top 9 ways to get more engagement on social media” or “Top 6 ways to crack competitive exams easily”. Such type of content makes it easier for readers to get information quickly. There is no doubt that it is one of the most effective ways to deliver your content. 


Not everyone likes to read thousands of words, and visual creative works way better than written content as many people like visually appealing content. Along with videos, you can demonstrate your ideas or learnings by posting infographics, memes, and short videos like reels or IGTV on Instagram. 

Skyscraper technique 

Skyscraper is an “old is gold” technique that works even today with a simple method resulting in higher backlink generation based on your content. All you need to do is find the most popular content of your niche and draft a similar content to that- but what you need to REMEMBER is to provide better content than that, with more improvements and fillings of the things that were missing. Additionally, you can utilize Ahrefs for that as it shows pages linked to the website with its report of “Best by links.” To improvise your content with more quality, you can add useful statistics and facts to it. And last, but not least in any way is to promote your content on multiple platforms so that people can see it and share your valuable content. 

Moving man method 

This is a gem for SEOs. In simple words, the moving man method is gaining a backlink by spotting one from outdated content. To make it more clear, I would say look for a web page that is no longer following updates or standard and replace that backlink with your content. There are tons of such websites available on the internet as information is getting updated each day, and many websites get rebranded. 

In order to detect outdated sites and resources, follow these steps- 

Google search- 

Keywords+pages no longer exists or 

Keywords+service no longer available 

After searching the results, use a backlink checker to look for the sites that are still linking outdated sites. There are also many tools and extensions available online that detect broken links on any website. Once you are done with cracking these backlinks, you just need to offer them your up-to-date information and resources

“How-to” and “The Ultimate guides” – 

One more thing that content writers can leverage for communicating their content across multiple platforms simply and effectively is publishing and uploading content that satisfies users in regards to their doubts. “How-to” and “The Ultimate guides” are popular choices among readers as it provides a great amount of useful information.  

Resource page link building – 

One way to collect quality links is to find useful or informative pages that talk about your niche or field of expertise. Same as the moving man method, you will have to follow some basic steps that will get you resource pages. 

Google search- 

Keyword + useful sites

Keyword + resources

Keyword + resource page

Keyword + recommended reading

Keyword + top sites

You can offer your valuable content in return for credit resulting in a high-quality backlink. One most important thing that you completely need to keep in mind that your content should be able to stand out so that no owner of a site can deny your content for publishing. 

Keep your eyes on roundup opportunities 

As the name suggests, roundup opportunities are supposed to work in a way that links content about a particular niche on a specific frequency of time, that could be either daily, weekly, or monthly featuring some of the best content of that particular field. As mentioned above in the moving man method and resource page linking, you need to Google search of- 

Keyword + link roundup

Keyword + roundup

Keyword + this week/month

No wonder, same as the other two techniques, in this technique, you need to pitch the site owner to publish your content. It is always two ways process- you need to give them something to get something from them. So provide them with killer content to secure your backlinks. 

Ask for credits 

It is essential that you claim your brand name or company name and generate a backlink from there. It is not as hard as it seems. To get notifications about your brand name mentioned, you need to go to Google alerts, enter your brand name and you are all set. After this setting, you will get notifications whenever someone cites your company or website. So, whenever you notice your name or mention it on another website, just simply ask them to give you credits, and boom, you have added one more backlink in your pocket. 

Invite influencers and authors 

Inviting and working with influencers will not only earn you a backlink, but it will also get you a noticeable buzzing in your expertise. As people tend to follow influences and well-known writers, if they mention you and describe your business and its value, you will surely notice you other than just a backlink. It also brings more traffic and sales to your business.  


SEO is a long term and worth paying process, and generating high-quality backlinks is a crucial part of an SEO. As discussed in the blog, there are many ways that will help you in generating quality links in an appropriate quantity. Follow all the tips mentioned above to get the maximum results. To sum it up in a nutshell, we can say that creating great content, varieties of content, Skyscraper technique, moving man method, links from resource pages, roundup opportunities, claiming name mentions, and collaborating with authors are a great way to add a good amount of backlinks in your bucket. 


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