Top 11 Benefits Of Developing A Mobile App For Your Business


Top 11 Benefits Of Developing A Mobile App For Your Business

 Just think about a day when you haven’t used an app on your phone? Not a single day, right? 

Mobile phones and apps are inseparable parts of our lives now, and no one can deny that for sure. 

Now, as a small or midsize business, if you think that your business doesn’t need a mobile app – then you might need to rethink your opinion again.

Gone are the days where a mobile-friendly website was sufficient for a business to operate online effectively.  

Regardless of the size of a business, it is essential to have a mobile app to facilitate the customers and level up brand value by that.                        

It is not fair to think that only big companies and businesses can have access to mobile apps for their business; small and mid-sized businesses have many benefits of developing mobile apps for their business. 

In this blog, we have discussed the benefits of mobile apps for small and midsize businesses. 

Developing a mobile app for your business helps you connect with your customers directly while improving the brand authority and value. 

Over 81% of customers prefer to purchase a product or service with a mobile app rather than from a website; this is just one out of many other reasons to build a mobile app for your business. 

It is not just big brands like Walmart and Bank of America that have their own mobile apps, but many small businesses have their mobile apps. 

The number of small businesses owning a mobile app is increasing day by day as a response to the current trend of being ahead of the time by implementing innovative mobile app strategies.  

There are many more other reasons that will make you think again about your mobile app development decision. 

If you notice carefully, you will find that many small businesses have dedicated mobile apps to interact with their customers and provide value to their life. 

So, let’s jump over to the top 11 benefits of having a mobile app for your business – 

      1) Be Accessible To Your Customers Quickly – 

According to a study, more than 79% of people spend almost 3 hours a day on their mobile devices while engaging with the installed apps on the phones. 

Though there are thousands of mobile applications that a user may be having on his phone, and you think that your application will not be able to perform well or may get neglected in the crowd of millions of other apps, that will not be the case always. 

Even if users don’t use your business application regularly, your app’s presence in their phone will work as a reminder whenever they are requiring products or services that you are offering. 

      2) Provide Multi Functions In One App 

By developing a mobile app, a business can offer multiple information like general information, prices, specials offers and discounts for app users, and many more things. 

Developing an app with features like a search bar improves the user experience while providing personalized accounts ensures security privacy and customization. 

Moreover, push notifications are a great way to notify users about upcoming events, ongoing sales, offers, discounts, or any other important information – doing so improves a business’s communication with customers. 

       3) Gain And Retain Customers With Rewards – 

Remember those loyalty programs that businesses used to have in order to gain popularity and increase the numbers of returning customers? 

Same wise, a business can execute the same model but with a different approach – an approach that involves the latest technologies and digitization. 

For example, a business can provide instant rewards or points that a user can use later to make another purchase or get discounts in the future. 

Transforming traditional marketing approaches into the digital one is the smartest way to level-up your business’s performance. 

     4) Engaging Customers – 

Mobile apps are a great way to improve customer’s engagement with your business. 

For example, a business can carry out a contest on their mobile app or build highly engaging, attractive, and useful functions for their customers. 

Announcing contests and other engaging events will improve customers’ time spent on a mobile app and thus their association with your brand and business. 

According to the thumb rule of effective frequency, hearing or seeing a brand approximately 20 times makes a strong impression in the customer’s mind, and it will impact the purchase decision indirectly. 

Additionally, beautifully designed mobile apps are more likely to attract more downloads and usage. 

     5) Make It Easier For Customers To Take Actions – 

Imagine you want to book a product or a service, but you are running out of time and have a really tight schedule that you don’t have time to place a call? 

Many more customers might be facing the same situation, and in such cases having inbuilt messaging or help desk or a system that supports customers in placing a quick order.  

      6) Be Ahead Of Your Competitors – 

Though many businesses in various industries have their mobile apps, the numbers are still very less. 

By developing a mobile app, you have already become one of the early industry leaders to embrace innovation, and it gives your customers a value that your business is really ahead of its time.  

       7) Higher Visibility – 

In current times, customers prefer to have a facility within reach of their phone. 

Word-of-mouth recommendations and website visits are becoming a little out of date, and customers like to purchase whenever and however they want to, and mobile apps accomplish their preferences. 

Mobile apps are also a great way of marketing your products and services as an app grabs the target audience’s attention and improves the overall visibility of a business. 

        8) Website And App Go Side By Side – 

Same as a creative and responsive website, a user-friendly app is the one thing that any business must have in order to improve their reach to customers. 

According to one study, people search the most while travelling, socializing, or waiting for an appointment rather than in their free time. 

So, when potential customers require a product or a service, they are more likely to open their phone and look for a solution rather than browsing through a website. 

Some of the more reasons behind customers love using an app is that apps are quicker, more interactive, and easier to navigate compared to websites and flexibility of making purchases at any time of the day. 

So long story short – website support in creating brand awareness while an app improves sales ratio. 

        9) Most Of Your Audience Is On Mobile – 

Just look around yourself and you will find that almost all the people are busy with their phones. 

The number of mobile users are increasing day by day. Out of 10 customers, 7 customers make their online purchase with a mobile app. 

So, when your business doesn’t have a mobile app, the danger of the phenomenon called “buy and bye” occurs. 

“Buy and bye” is a situation where a customer visits a website, explores a great product, purchases it, and never visits again after. 

Having a mobile app decreases the chances of the “buy and bye” phenomenon and improves the number of returning customers. 

         10) Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Another benefit of developing a mobile app is customer loyalty. 

As there are thousands of other ways, businesses reach their customers like cold emails, websites, Facebook ads, social media promotions, roadside banners, billboards, flashing signs, and newspaper ads – businesses slowly and gradually lose their impact on customers. 

But with a mobile application, a business can build a sincere and long-term connection with their customers. 

Mobile App is one more way to stay closer to your customers while being just a “fingertip” away at all times. 

      11) Access Valuable Insight – 

Having a mobile app for your business means having more access to the data that supports understanding the customers and planning future marketing campaigns and strategies accordingly. 

For example, the more data you capture about your customers, the more effective your customer service and marketing will be.  

When a customer explores your app, you can study their behavior pattern, discover the most popular products among the customer base, and as you will be having their phone numbers and email addresses, you can use it further for your marketing purposes. 

Conclusion – 

There are a lot more benefits of developing a mobile app for your business, and the above-mentioned are some of the benefits that are more obvious and visible on the surface. 

Other than the above-discussed benefits, a business can do location-based marketing, customer tracking, and the ability to leave reviews and feedback within the app that adds more value to the business. 

Sooner or later, a mobile app is going to be the norm of the industry, and it will be in the list of “must-haves” and not just as an option for a business to opt for. 

If you are looking for mobile app development services, you can contact us at, and we will be more than happy to serve you with the best services.


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