Top 12 PPC Extension To Use For a Successful PPC Campaign


Top 12 PPC Extension To Use For a Successful PPC Campaign

There have been really few people who haven’t ever seen a paid ad on Google or any other social media platform. 

In the digital era, every business literally runs with the power of online marketing and social media marketing. 

If you are yet not fully leveraging the benefits of the latest technology that supports the expansion and enhancement of the marketplace, you are missing out on tons of exposure and opportunities. 

Google Ad is one of the most popular online advertising management systems that allow you to make and run your online advertisement on multiple platforms. 

In this blog, we have discussed all about Google Ad Extensions and how you can leverage them to scale-up your business with more visibility and facility in the online world. 

So, let’s understand the concept of Google Ad Extensions. 

What are exactly Google Ad Extensions?  

Google Ad Extensions is additional information attached to the ad that facilitates users by providing them with what they are looking for. 

It could be anything starting from a phone number, locations or business hours. 

An ad without extension will look something like this – simple, having just a headline, a URL, and a copy for the context for the ad. 

While an ad with extension will have more accurate and relevant information that the consumer is looking for. 

For example, something like this – 

If you look at the image above, you see that there is a site link, an address for quicker navigation and business timings. They all are extensions. 

There are many such ad extensions available that you can utilize to improve the quality of your ad. 

The most important thing here is that all of these Google Ad extensions are free and don’t cost you even a single penny; so you have no reason not to use them. 

Why Google Ad Extensions? 

There are two main reasons for leveraging Google Ad Extensions; first, it holds the most space for your ad – giving you more attention and visibility and second a seller or service provider might have some valuable information that facilitates the customer in their findings.  

Additionally, Google Ad Extension improves the click-through-rate (CTR) followed by increased conversion rate for the ad campaigns. 

A business can experience a 10 to 15% hike in CTR if they have added an extension or more than one extension in their PPC campaign. 

Going further, extensions also support the quality score of your ad and thus helps in ranking higher.  

How to create a Google Ad extension? 

To create a Google Ad extension, go to the ad dashboard, and on the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will find a label “Ads & Extension.” 

After clicking on the label, you will see many types of Ad extensions. 

You can add as many extensions as you want in a single campaign based on your requirements and preferences. Or you can use the same set of extensions to multiple campaigns if you want. 

Creating an extension is extremely easy, and it takes only a few minutes to set. You just need to enter a few details, and you are done. 

As soon as you are ready with the extension, you can add them to any campaign at any time and point. 

Types of Google Ad Extensions – 

There are numbers of Ad extensions that you can choose for your ad. Each of the extensions has a particular advantage and supports the specific action from users. 

Here is the list of various extensions that will support your Ad for better. 

1)  Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are one of the most popular extensions. Site Extensions are a great way to quickly land your customer on the page that they are looking for. 

Sitelink extensions are clickable text with highlights that redirects the user to the intended page. 

You can create sitelink extensions that are simple, meaning just a clickable text, or can add descriptive texts to each link to provide more information. 

Look at the images below to understand the difference –

2)  Callout Extension

If you are having a sale, discount or special offers running, you can use a callout extension to highlight it to the users. 

A callout extension with engaging and powerful CTA will drive users to take valuable actions. Make it of minimum words and to the point. 

Look at the image below to understand callout Extension appearance – 

3)  Call Extensions

As the name suggests, call extensions make it easy for users to click on the extension and contact the business quickly. 

Call extensions are great for mobile-users compared to PC or laptop users. 

One point to remember is that callout and call extensions are two different things. 

Callout extensions, generally, display offers, sales and discounts whereas call extensions make it easier to make calls from that particular ad. 

Call extensions are a great way to generate leads for businesses that provide services on an immediate basis- for example, a garage or hospital. 

You can get ahead of your competitors by implementing a call extension in your ad as users will be able to get in touch with you easily and quickly. 

Here is an example of call extension – 

4)  Structured snippet extensions

Structured snippet extensions are a great way to display the particular information that the users are looking for based on their search queries and keyword matching.

In simple words, structured snippets extensions tailor your ad based on the query that the user is searching for. 

Structured snippet extensions enable creating various different types of descriptions and show it to the users according to the query that they have inputted. 

It is understandable that the more relevant your ad campaign to the searchers, the more chances of getting a meaningful response that converts. 

Have a look at the example of structured snippet extension example –

5)  Location Extension

Having a strong foundation in the particular region or a town is a great scope for yielding new opportunities. 

Location extension allows to add the address in your ad in a handy manner so that the user can use it for navigation. 

People who are looking for location based services or type the query with “near me” will get to see your ad first if you have added the location extension in the ad. 

Have a look the the location extension example here – 

6)  Price Extension

Price extension is a great way to facilitate those customers who are more likely to make an immediate purchase. 

Displaying price tags, along with the ad, influence the decision power of potential buyers, and the ad gets clicked by only those who are genuinely interested in the product. 

But you need to make sure that you have stable pricing on the products as fluctuations in price may harm the customer expectations resulting in a bad reputation for the business. 

Here is the example of price extension – 

7)  App Extension

Having an app for your business and customers improves the performance of the sales ratio. 

Regular customers prefer to shop with an app rather than the website. 

App extension allows users to install an app quickly and easily. 

So, imagine that you are a retail store owner or run an online store and have an app for your customers; then app extension is really a cool extension to use for your ad. 

Here is an example of an app extension –

8)  Promotion Extension –

Promotion extensions allow businesses to promote the ongoing sale and discounts. 

Customers who are specifically looking for such deals will be able to notice you quickly, resulting in a higher CTR followed by sales. 

When the customers click on a promotion extension, it will get them on that particular page. 

Plus, if you have multiple offers going on, you can add respective numbers of pages accordingly. 

Here is the example of promotion extension – 

9)  Review extensions

Having valuable reviews on your ad to get more customers is one of the best ways to grow your business to a higher level. 

Review extension makes it possible to show some of the best reviews that you have for your products or services. 

Here is an image example of review extensions- 

10)  Affiliate location extension 

Imagine you are a big brand having multiple stores across the country or a local brand having multiple stores in the same city, then affiliate location extension is a blessing for you. 

Having said that, affiliate location extension shows more than one location for users to choose from so that they can pick the nearest location possible. 

Here is the example of affiliate location extension– 

11)  Message extensions

Message extensions make it possible for users to send a quick inquiry message. You can make customized messages and provide customized answers ready for each inputted query to make the process even further smoother.

You can set questions related to appointments, reservations, or any other general query of your field.

Here is the example of a message extension

12)  Image Extensions

If you are in the business of painting or visual arts, having image extensions are a great way to make your ad even more appealing. 

Not just paintings, but adding an image extension for your products is a great way of improving the quality of your ad. 

You can add up to six images to each campaign or ad group while adding a unique URL to each image. 

Here is the example of image extension – 

How to choose an ad extension for your campaign? 

Though there are numbers of ad extensions available, you don’t have to use all of them. You just need to use a few of them to optimize your ad campaign. 

To understand and know the best ad extension for your business, you first need to be clear on the intent of your ad. Choose the one that best fits your targeted audience. Know the taste and behavior pattern of your targeted audience and go ahead accordingly.  

Running A/B testing for ad extensions will provide you with more insights about your audience and their behavior pattern and thus helping you in strategizing your next ad campaign for even better results.


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