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What is Google Discover, And How Long Stories Last There?

Last year Google introduced a new and exciting feature that shows you relevant content, even when you are not searching for it. 

The feature is gaining popularity day by day and over 800 million people use the feed each month to enjoy the latest and relevant content based on their interests. 

Google updated a new feature called “Discover” with a fresh look and a brand new set of features. 

With Discover, we can surf and explore more appealing and fresh visual content. 

What is the time duration of Stories? 

Despite the fact that Google web Stories appears almost the same as other stories features on various platforms, Google Web Stories has some variation. 

The research concluded by Valentin Pletzer tells us that 61% of the stories lasted between 1 hour to 24 hours, whereas 6% lasted only for an hour. 

The data was collected from 6,000 URLs of more than 1,300 different publishers and out of which 66% of those URLs were Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP). 

Going further, 17% of those stories lasted for one to two days and on the other hand, 7% for two to three days. 

Nevertheless, 9% of those stories last over three days on Google Discover. 

The minimum time of a story lasting on Google Discover was 70 seconds, and the maximum one for 710 days – almost for two years. 

Take a look at these two pictures to understand the data provided more clearly –

Google Discover


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