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Digital Marketing 30 Nov 2020

6 Proven Ways to Drive More Visitors to Your Site

Author Nevil Bhatt

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Think about getting organic traffic in the early ’90s, and it wasn’t a big task then, but if someone asks you the same today, it will drive you crazy. As there are uncountable numbers of websites available on the internet with a variety of content and information to provide, it becomes tougher to get noticed in the chaos of the internet. Every business is trying to grab the attention of their targeted audience in the particular niche that they are serving, resulting in a higher level of competition.

If you have surfed the internet enough, you must have come across shabby advertisements that claim to provide you with “unlimited” web traffic. Even if you opt for that, there is no way to get “unlimited” traffic overnight. You need to understand that getting more traffic is not the key- getting a relevant one is. So focus on the techniques that will help you in your long-term goals, instead of short terms.

In this blog, we have discussed ways to get organic traffic to your website, but all that you should remember is that SEO and being noticed is a time-taking thing that needs a lot of effort. So, let’s jump right into the topic without wasting much time.

Implementing The Right SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is the key factor that will help you in getting and targeting your audience. Using long-tail keywords and creating written content according to that will foster higher rates of visitors to your website. Additionally, if you have recently published your website, focus on low competition keywords instead of getting into the cut-throating race of higher keyword difficulty. Generate more content with that keyword and start posting blogs with those keywords, and you will see fruitful results for sure.

A group of few people thinks that SEO is dead now, but that’s not the truth. If you use it wisely with a powerful strategy, it will indeed offer exceptional results for your business. You can’t convert leads if you don’t have enough traffic to your website, so it is essential to get organic reach and traffic to your website.

Check The Load Speed Of Your Website-

Imagine if you have clicked on a site, but it takes more time to get loaded, then you are more likely to leave that site immediately. Same as you, if people have to wait even a bit more on your website, they will not give you another chance to be in the game. You will be out soon. So even if you have great content, and all keywords set but lose on web page loading time you are losing it all. The ideal web page loading time is less than 2 seconds.

Be Active On All Social Media Platforms

Yes, you need to be equally active and engaging in various platforms to get appropriate traffic to your website. The simple logic behind this is that people will find you genuine and authentic. If you have a great website but zero social media presence, people will suspect your presence, and they won’t be your customers. After all, what we want from getting top rankings and higher numbers of visitors is more business, right? So, you also need to prove your authenticity outside of your website to convert queries into potential leads and potential leads into clients.

Utilize Platforms Like Quora

One of the easiest ways to reach people is to be there, where they are. Quora is a social media platform that allows users to ask and answer questions. So, if anyone has questions related to your niche or the services that you provide, you can answer them and provide a link to your website, which will help them in getting what they want. Stack Exchange, Reddit, and Stack Overflow are some of the examples of platforms that allow you to post your answers and help people to offer some value. When you post your answer and link your website there, you will automatically become more visible, and your website will get an additional backlink as a bonus.


Newsletters are another way to bring more visitors to your website. In order to create a mail list, you can offer a discount or giveaway to your visitors and ask for their mail ID in exchange for that discount. In such a way, you will be able to create a list of your potential buyers, and you can send them regular emails that interest them. So, imagine if you have provided some valuable information to your readers, you can ask them to visit your website to read more or if you are a seller and offering a discount or informing them of the benefits of your products you can ask them to visit your website to shop your products.

Guest Blogging

Last but not least is guest blogging. Publishing your website on a reputable website will increase your chances of reaching more audiences and growing your network. If people know you and your website, they are more likely to choose your website to visit others. Guest blogging is a two-way street, so if you are posting on someone’s site, you can also invite people to write for your website. All that you need to do is find some popular and highly engaging website that serves your niche or your target audience and pitch them to publish your content. Don’t send them that generic and spammy mail but try to develop a genuine relationship first and then ask them if they would like to publish your content.

Conclusion –

In a digital era, your online presence and website rankings matter a lot. If you are not ranking on the first page, there are huge chances that people will not even notice you. So try all of the following tips to get more traffic to your website. It will not happen overnight, or in a few days, you need to keep trying SEO services unless you get your desired results.

Author Nevil Bhatt
Nevil Bhatt

Nevil is the owner of one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in India. Having a great knowledge of the IT field and business management, he decided to bring a revolution in the digital world by providing valuable and customised solutions across the globe. Whether it's real or digital, he knows how to handle sustainable relationships and meaningful interactions.

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