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Level-Up Your
Marketing Game
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Increase Lead Generation and Gain Prominent Market Presence by Joining Hands with Our Certified PPC Experts.

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Integrating PPC into your marketing can bring you awesome results.

PPC has some really awesome benefits that can help your business grow, but integrating it correctly is an art of an online marketer. Meet our super-genius and certified PPC experts to help you leverage these benefits.

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Major Focus

Your Profit!

The right advertising strategy with the perfect advertising platform helps deliver awesome results. So, at NFlow, we focus on these three crucial PPC advertising platforms for leveling up your marketing game.

Google AdWords: Let's bid your business on the most popular keywords to showcase your business on Google search engine results.

Bing Ads: Let's empower the demographic that leans towards the blue-collar and specific industry with Bing Ads marketing.

Amazon PPC: Let's step into the auction game with Amazon PPC marketing. One of the best platforms for product marketing.

PPC for

E-commerce PPC is an online advertising approach
that uses PPC adverts to promote an
online business and its items.

Why does your business need PPC?

These advertisements might appear on websites, search engines, and social media networks. PPC for eCommerce is adequate for driving sales since it targets ready-to-purchase consumers.

Your sales are the engine that propels your business forward as an online retailer. You may use PPC advertising to develop your brand, and appropriate eCommerce PPC management can increase sales by your company or an agency.

If used properly, PPC is a highly potent strategy for driving instantaneous traffic to your eCommerce website.

  • Quick Traffic Boost
  • Contributes to Business Goals
  • Multi-Layered Approach to Advertising
  • Drives Warm Leads
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Why PPC ?
The Mind Set

The PPC mindset helps you understand your user's wants because the entire ad setup will be designed and executed accordingly.

People actively looking for a product similar to your business may see your adverts via PPC advertising. The fact that the company can focus on industry-specific keywords makes this feasible. Potential clients are more likely to click on ads and visit a website if they notice it. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may also help you get a better return on your investment (ROI). Because your ad only pays for clicks, you know that most of the people who see it are interested in what you have to offer. A greater conversion rate and more revenues are the results of this strategy.
At NFlow tech, we follow the AIDA principle to grow your business and profit using PPC for eCommerce.

We follow the AIDA model to set your PPC ad campaign. Here is how it works!

Attention : Grabbing attention is essential. So, it is important to target that audience or mass that will be easily attracted to your campaign. So, it starts by grabbing the user's attention with the new product or service ad.

Interest : How will you justify if the user is interested in your advertisement or not? We measure it with clicks. The second step of the campaign depends entirely on the user's interest, and we shall achieve it by showcasing something desirable.

Desire : Once the user clicks on the ad campaign, the landing page must be designed with the best content and visual that makes it appealing to the users. Users are likely to act if they engage in what they see.

Action : Lastly, when the user is satisfied with the entire campaign, they will complete the checkout process to successfully buy the product or service. It is the last yet most important stage of the campaign; action helps your campaign succeed.

Why PPC ? The Mind Set

PPC for different industry

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Dental clinic

The number of new patient appointments generated from targeted dentistry business traffic is usually rather substantial. However, when looking for a dental office or dental treatment, no one does so, assuming that they could need one in the future. As a result, searches for dental care are often time-sensitive. With the right PPC campaign, you can also fully use the potential of intent marketing.
Grow Your Business

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Every person uses the internet to research before making a purchase, even if it's only picking a restaurant. All the promotions, menus, and pricing will be vital for them to know. A web browser is the entry point for most Internet users. To attract diners in the neighborhood who are actively looking for a place to eat, restaurants may use Google Ads.
Grow Your Business

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It takes much work to set up a gym and make it profitable, particularly when you consider the everyday struggles that gym owners confront. However, PPC for fitness centers and gyms may provide impressive results. All you have to do is ensure that your campaigns are aimed at the correct demographic and market. That is where NFlow Tech's PPC strategy comes in.
Grow Your Business

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Clothing Store

When it comes to a clothing store, businesses may use sponsored search to enhance the visibility of most recent offers and sales events, whether promoting a particular product line or a one-off or seasonal promotion. In addition, creating a PPC campaign for your brand terms can protect you against rivals or resellers bidding on your words and acquiring market share.
Grow Your Business

Expertise in Optimization

Don't worry about the entire PPC process and our expertise in different components of the PPC process

Core Account Audit

Examining a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to find how it may be improved to provide a higher return on investment.

Target keyword Research

Using keywords pertinent to your product or service in the content of your website and advertisements is one way to attain a high ranking on the search engine results page.

Suitable Keyword Crushing

Everything in PPC is built on keywords. So we put the right and appropriate keyword-crushing strategy.

A/B Testing

A/B testing in AdWords ads enables businesses to improve their PPC conversion rates constantly.

Negative keyword Research

A PPC campaign can't succeed if companies don't use negative keywords to ads from displaying when someone searches for terms that are irrelevant to the ad.

Audience Behavior Research

Identifying and segmenting customers based on their interests, search behaviors, purchasing intent, and demographics is Audience Behaviour Research.


Re-engaging with customers who have already visited your website or app by showing advertisements or emailing them.

Display Ad Billboards

Advertising on websites, social media platforms, and other digital mediums is known as display advertising. Text, picture, or video ads often entice viewers to visit a landing page and take action.

Video Ad

Compared to PPC text links, video advertisements are surrounded by several factors. Video Ads are set to become the next thing with YouTube and Facebook.

ROI Booster

A prioritized action plan for enhancing the ROI in a quantifiable manner using the best PPC strategy.

Booming Leads

With the right strategy and expertise of NFlow Tech – your business will get booming leads and sales.

Traffic Multiplication

A prioritized action plan for enhancing the ROI in a quantifiable manner and multiplying the traffic through various channels.


At NFlow Technologies, we have helped many businesses and well-known brands to grow their businesses and profit. Take a look at the number of companies we work with.


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Team Members

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Our Process

1-2 days

Audit & Account

We will review your existing PPC strategy, Google AdWords, or similar service.

1-2 days

Camping & Ad Section

Then our expert will look at your business's camping and the Ad section.

1 day

Tracing Installation & Testing

We will utilize our resources for tracing installation and performing testing.

1 day

Camping Launch

Once we test and proofread from our experts, we launch camping.

2-4 hrs daily

Performance Monitor & Daily Optimisations

Our job is not done yet! Our experts will monitor the performance of your campaign and perform daily optimization.

2 days

Daily Analysis & Reporting

Your business cannot grow and make a profit without data; therefore, we indulge in daily analysis & reporting of the ongoing PPC campaign.

We are a best fit,

Knowing for you as a customer what possibilities we can collaborate and work together is essential.

  • Best Match
  • We work with startups, brands, mid size companies and well-known organizations.
  • It would be really great if you have ads- spend investment of at least $2000-$5000 to get desired results
  • We work with a long-term vision and have a long-term strategy to plan your business marketing.
  • We work with clients and companies who believe in transparency.
  • We work with active clients interested in knowing each bit of their campaign.
  • Not Good Match
  • We don't work with businesses operating in online betting sites and apps or for the adult entertainment industry.
  • We don't work with clients or companies having ads-spend investment of $200-$500.
  • We do not offer our services for less than a few months.
  • We don't work with a fixed mindset of people who aren't willing to listen to new ideas, opportunities and do not have “Patience”
  • We don't work with clients and organizations that are least bothered about their ongoing marketing efforts.

Stand Alone
We are not in competition

Our constant efforts and execution are towards achieving perfection in whatever we do!
Therefore, we have got the best-certified team onboard.

Our clients have always appreciated us for the following.

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Desiring ethical

Because we aspire for growth, we want our clients to grow with us.

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We value your time and money. We, therefore, don’t need reminders.

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Offering Uncompromised Data Security

We never compromise on security. Your data safety is our priority.

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Maintaining Seamless Coordination

We have a complete funnel of every activity that we perform at NFlow.


Frequently asked question.

There are several reasons to conduct a PPC audit. Some of these are: You'll discover performance issues, where you can improve your campaign, learn about your audience and see how you stack up to the competition.

Cookies are placed on the browsers of individuals who visit your website using a particular tracking code, and adverts are subsequently shown to those users on the Display and Search networks who have that cookie. A PPC campaign has the potential to be a powerful tool.

In contrast to many other forms of marketing, PPC can be meticulously tracked and measured. Clicks, impressions, conversions, and spending are all monitored and recorded in PPC campaigns. This data may improve PPC campaigns, making the advertisements more effective.

If your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is doing well and you want to increase your efforts, you increase your budget (or target new keywords/audiences). As the name suggests, you only pay for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising when someone clicks on your ad. You may modify your campaign settings to establish a daily budget and a cost-per-click (CPC) budget, ensuring that you never spend more on advertising than you have budgeted.

It's time-consuming to do keyword research for your PPC campaign, but it's worth it in the long run. You can't be a successful PPC advertiser if you don't continue to study and refine your keyword list.

SEO is an organic method of gaining traffic on your website or landing page, whereas PPC is a paid marketing strategy and execution for attracting traffic. In addition, PPC is instantly effective, whereas SEO takes time to deliver results.

To calculate the PPC ROI, you can subtract the total cost of the campaign from the total sales value. An average conversion rate for PPC ranges between 2 to 5 %.