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Content Marketing

Are you looking for a Content Marketing Consultancy that can help take your business to the next level? Look no further! Our agency specializes in crafting compelling, high-quality content that resonates with your target audience and drives results.

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Content is king. But to help it rule, compelling visuals and marketing are required.

Are you tired of struggling to attract and engage your target audience with bland and unremarkable content? Look no further than our team of expert content marketing consultants and marketers to shake things up!

What is Content


The best storytellers win the content marketing game. It is the game of telling a story, and the one who tells the best story wins. We are here to help you with the most engaging content strategy that attracts a maximum audience.

Technically, content marketing is the art of conveying the content to the audience keeping in mind the different segments of user personas. Content for each segment is different; hence, we must craft personalized content to attract our users.




We spend 90% of our time researching for an excelling well-written draft. Both pillars are essential, but we have our own credits to deliver.

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Research & Outline

The right content strategy begins with perfect research and outline. Hence, we focus on the following.

  • Best references
  • Technical expertise
  • Perfect pitch
  • Keyword planning

Content Creation

Crafting the right copy is possible with the help of a well-written outline. Here are our pillars for content writing

  • Watching the Tone
  • Keeping an Eye on Grammar
  • Plagiarism-Free
  • Integrating Powerful CTAs


Every writer is engrossed in writing while drafting a perfect copy. Henceforth, proofreading is essential to cross-check various elements.

  • Checking Grammatical Errors
  • Improving Readability Score
  • Removing Passive Sentences
  • Using the Right Grammar Tools

Content Optimization

Well, here, content optimization refers to making your content SEO-friendly. We integrate the following practices for the best optimization score.

  • Using SEO Tools
  • Checking the Keyword Density
  • Integrating the Header Tags
  • Interlinking the Right Sources

Content Distribution

When the content is ready to publish, we channel it through all the essential platforms for maximum engagement.

  • Publishing the Content
  • Sharing the Content Link
  • Replying to Comments
  • Optimizing the Content Link

Content Gap Analysis

After the content is published on various channels, the next step is to expect the desired results. We follow content gal analysis for less performing content.

  • Analysing Keywords
  • Checking the Content Intent
  • Rewriting and Editing
  • Adding More Content

Our Process

Content Marketing Consultancy


Defining the Audience

The first step is to define the audience of your business to align our content intent with a content copy.


Aligning Content Goals with SEO

Secondly, we design our content goals keeping in mind the SEO parameters to achieve the desired rankings.


Curating Content Calendar

Content needs timely distribution to get maximum engagement and visibility. Henceforth, we develop a smart content plan.


Content Execution

After all the steps are ready, we help the content to get published at the right time on the right channels, watching the analytics.

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Frequently asked question.

A content marketing funnel is divided into three segments: BOFU, MOFU, and TOFU. BOFU stands for the bottom of the funnel, MOFU stands for the middle, and TOFU stands for the top. BOFU consists of demos, customer stories, webinars, and similar content types. MOFU consists of educational resources, downloads, emails, etc. TOFU consists of blogs, articles, social media, webpages, and eBooks.

Grammarly and Quillbot are the best tools for checking grammar.

SEMrush helps with excellent guidelines for writing SEO-optimized content copy. We recommend using SEO Surfer to optimize your content 100% with the outline and suggested keywords.

Blogs, articles, guest posts, social media copy, landing pages, website content, newsletter, emails, whitepaper, product descriptions, ASO, and reviews are the different types of content.