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Terms & Conditions

By binding in any contract with us for acquiring any of our services, the following terms and conditions are applicable.

Signing Agreement

The agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the project's terms and conditions.

  • The client must read and understand the agreement before signing it.
  • The agency requires a deposit before starting work, and the remaining balance must be paid upon completion.
  • Either party can terminate the agreement with written notice.
  • If the client terminates the agreement before completion, they may still be responsible for paying for the work done up to that point.

Web Design Terms

  • The agency provides a project scope, timeline, and cost estimate.
  • The client must provide all necessary content, images, and materials.
  • The agency creates a design concept for client approval before development begins.
  • The client approves all design work before development begins.
  • The agency makes reasonable revisions based on client feedback.
  • Any additional work outside the agreed scope incurs additional fees.
  • The agency delivers a website compatible with the latest browsers and mobile devices.
  • The client allows the agency to use its brand logo/name in its portfolio.

SEO Terms

  • The agency performs on-page and off-page Optimization.
  • The client provides access to their website and login credentials.
  • The agency performs keyword research to determine the most relevant and effective search terms.
  • The agency optimises the website for search engines with meta descriptions, title tags, and other on-page content.
  • The agency creates backlinks and performs off-page Optimization activities to improve search engine rankings.
  • The agency does not guarantee specific rankings or traffic increases.
  • The client is responsible for creating high-quality content to improve search engine rankings.

Graphics Use Terms

  • The client must have rights and permissions to use any graphics the agency provides.
  • The agency may use graphics created for the client in their portfolio or for promotional purposes.
  • The client may not modify or sell any graphics the agency provides without written permission.
  • The agency may use stock images or graphics to design the client's website, but these must be purchased separately.

Monthly Website Maintenance Terms

  • The agency provides monthly updates, backups, and security scans.
  • The client provides access to their website and login credentials.
  • The agency provides a report detailing the work done each month.
  • Any additional work outside the agreed maintenance plan incurs additional fees.
  • The client is responsible for ensuring their website is up-to-date with the latest security patches and software updates.
  • Google Console, Analytics, AdWords, Merchant Centre Terms:
  • The agency may require admin-level access to the client's Google Console, Analytics, or AdWords accounts.
  • The agency will not share confidential information from these accounts with third parties.
  • The agency will use the information obtained from these accounts to make recommendations.

Social Media Marketing Terms

  • The agency creates and manages social media accounts.
  • The agency creates a social media strategy aligned with the client's goals and target audience.
  • The agency creates and curates relevant and engaging social media content.
  • The client provides brand assets and content for the social media accounts.
  • The agency monitors social media activity and engages with followers.
  • The agency may advertise social media to promote the client's products or services.
  • The client finalises all social media content and advertising campaigns.
  • The agency provides monthly reports on social media performance and analytics.
  • The client is responsible for ensuring all social media content and advertising comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • The agency is not responsible for any negative consequences of the client's social media activity.