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eCommerce 08 May 2023

9 Best Dropshipping Plugins for WooCommerce in 2023

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Dropshipping is one of the best methods for new online business owners to generate money. Advantages include low entry costs and eliminating expenses like product purchasing and storage thanks to direct Shipping from the vendor to the end user.

The vast array of plugins available for sites like WordPress, with the help of a WooCommerce development company, makes it feasible to customise and fine-tune your website and services, and it only takes a few hours to set up your dropshipping business.

We hope this information will be useful whether you are considering starting a dropshipping company or running one and want to enhance your online shop. Let’s begin with the understanding of what it is Drop Shipping?

What is Drop Shipping?

What is Drop Shipping

New online merchants may benefit tremendously from using the dropshipping model of distribution. It is a method in which the retail establishment does not hold any of its merchandise. Instead, each item is sent to a drop shipper responsible for completing the order on your behalf.

You won’t need to keep even a single product in stock if you choose the appropriate drop shipper to deal with, and you’ll be able to offer a wide variety of items as a result!

Dropshipping has several advantages. You are not required to purchase shares. You do not need to make a big investment before establishing your business, and you don’t need to be concerned about the supply chain.

Find yourself a reputable drop shipper, then set up shop, and you’ll be ready to go soon!

Because there are fewer overhead expenses involved with the company model known as dropshipping, it presents new and aspiring business owners with excellent prospects for success. The proprietor of an eCommerce business that uses dropshipping will showcase items for sale, but the orders for those things will be placed with a dropshipping provider.

It is essential for anybody beginning a new dropshipping company to understand the most common dropshipping suppliers and the many methods available for locating intriguing items to sell. Finding reliable suppliers willing to execute orders on your behalf promptly is essential if you want to run a dropshipping business.

This post will provide you with a list of the finest dropshipping providers available and the best WooCommerce plugins that will assist you in importing items easily.

Is WooCommerce good for dropshipping?

WooCommerce is a powerful and user-friendly e-commerce plugin for the WordPress platform. Nearly 34.7% of all websites use the WordPress content management system. WordPress’s adaptability as a CMS makes it a good fit for any website, including dropshipping shops.

Using the popular WooCommerce plugin, WordPress can be used to set up an online shop. You may now include the dropshipping items, accept online payments, add shipping fees, etc.

In comparison to other kinds of online shops, dropshipping businesses have several benefits, including the following:

  • Buying and storing inventory is not essential, which results in cost savings related to Shipping, handling, and storage.
  • Because you do not pay for the products until a consumer purchases them, there is no need to purchase them in large quantities; however, this does come with the potential drawback of missing out on volume discounts.
  • There are no logistical challenges involved in getting products delivered to clients.
  • You will not be left with excess stock if the items are not purchased.
  • Regarding dropshipping, WooCommerce has several restrictions, even though it is a wonderful platform for standard eCommerce companies.
  • For instance, when a consumer shops at your establishment and orders an item, you will want a method for communicating that order to the relevant supplier.

Additionally, adding product descriptions, photos, and reviews to the shop is required, which might take significant time to complete.

You could do all those tasks manually, but why go into trouble when a WooCommerce dropship plugin can perform most of these tasks automatically for you?

Tips for Choosing the Best Dropshipping Plugins for WordPress

These days, you can get a plugin for just about everything. Here, you’ll find information about the top dropshipping plugins for WordPress. What criteria should you use to choose the best option?

To help you in making an informed choice, we have provided the following indications.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dropshipping Plugins

Can You easily import the products with Plugin?

After joining a drop shipper’s network, you’ll have free reign over their inventory. You should use a plugin that automates the import of items from their platform into your shop rather than doing it by hand.

We assume this is a high priority for you when considering WordPress dropshipping plugins. You’ll end up with a lot freer time thanks to this!

Can You incorporate Verified Customer Reviews?

It’s only natural to search for user feedback before making a major purchase. Nothing is more persuasive than verified purchaser ratings. Whether positive or negative, it affects sales.

Having actual client feedback on your dropshipping shop would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?

You may import customer reviews like you import items from your drop shipper’s platform. You should make use of them.

Does it have the feature to Notify Suppliers Automatically?

The fact that no stock is needed makes dropshipping an attractive business model.

When you get an order, you communicate it to your supplier, and they fulfil it. Faster order processing and delivery to the client results from notifying suppliers of orders as soon as possible.

Having a plugin that instantly alerts your vendor would be ideal.

Does It Have Flexibility in Design?

You should be able to tweak almost anything with the WooCommerce dropshipping Plugin you use. The Plugin should complement your WordPress site and provide front- and back-end customisation options.

Can You Manage Imported Products?

Keeping tabs on your stock levels is essential when operating an online business. Avoid having orders go unmet at all costs.

Watch for a dropshipping plugin directly incorporating stock management into your admin panel.

Can You Manage Payment Quickly and Easily?

  • New order received – verify
  • Acceptance of payment – check
  • Order placed with the provider – verify
  • Fulfil Order – Done

Is anything more convenient than just clicking once to complete an order? This functionality should also be considered when deciding on the best dropshipping Plugin.

Can It be Easily Integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce

This ought to be our top priority. Remember, we’re building a fully functional online shop using WordPress and WooCommerce!

You should be able to easily include the WooCommerce dropshipping Plugin into your existing WordPress setup. Our ideal scenario involves a smooth installation followed by immediate functionality.

How do I use WooCommerce dropshipping plugins?

How to Establish Your Dropshipping Shop Using WordPress

In all honesty, establishing a new shop that relies on dropshipping is a really simple process. We won’t go into a great deal of detail about it here, but the procedure goes something like this:

  1. Installing WordPress on your website requires domain registration and hosting.
  2. Set up a WordPress theme that is suitable for use with WooCommerce.
  3. Install and set up the WooCommerce Plugin into your existing WordPress installation.
  4. Put the dropshipping Plugin in place, make the necessary configurations, and link it to WooCommerce.
  5. Make arrangements with a drop shipper to fulfil your orders.
  6. Include in your shop just the products that the drop shipper can provide.
  7. Get your shop up and running.

It is totally up to the drop shipper that you wind up working with which products you can sell using this approach. Because there are now a sufficient number of them, you can sell almost anything that comes to mind.

Choosing a reliable drop shipper to collaborate with will be the most challenging element. The good news is that every Plugin that made our list of the top WooCommerce drop shipper plugins will take care of things for you.

Some plugins are compatible with particular drop shippers, such as those offered by Etsy, AliExpress, Amazon, and others. Certain plugins come with a pre-selected list of drop shippers that you can choose from inside the Plugin itself. Some people make use of both approaches simultaneously.

9 Powerful Dropshipping Plugins for WooCommerce

In the following section, we will discuss 10 of the most useful plugins that can be used to automate a WooCommerce dropshipping shop.

Powerful Dropshipping Plugins for WooCommerce

1. WooDropship

A further dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce that is compatible with AliExpress is called WooDropship. It functions in a manner that is similar to that of AliDropship, but it also comes with a cool Chrome extension that enables you to add a product to your shop even as you are navigating the AliExpress website.

It’s a neat feature that makes adding stock to your shop simple, so it’s worth getting. The remainder of the Plugin functions in a manner that is similar to that of AliDropship.

Discover items on AliExpress, add them to your store using the Plugin, establish your pricing or profit margin, and personalise the appearance and behaviour of the front end.

You can also take photos from AliExpress and modify them using WooDropship. You can also create product descriptions and manage how those items look on your website.


  • Complete authority over the appearance of products
  • Custom retail choice
  • Uncomplicated navigation and tools
  • Free revisions and group
  • Price update feature
  • Integrated image editor and component editor
  • Product evaluation and import
  • A highly intelligent Chrome extension makes it easy to add products.
  • One-click transaction processing
  • WooCommerce assistance
  • Automatic stock replenishing
  • Automatic fulfilment of the transaction
  • Removes watermarks from images

A free 7-day trial of WooDropship is available. Therefore, two price tiers are available: The basic plan costs $20 a month and allows for 100 orders and 5,000 product variations. A one-time payment of $97 gets you unlimited customizations and purchases for life.

2. AliDropship

The AliExpress marketplace is a well-known destination for sourcing items for a dropshipping business. That provides access to an unbelievable selection of goods made by businesses throughout China. With the AliDropship plugin, you can easily access those products and automate many aspects of the dropshipping process.

Important items may be imported into your shop without disruption, orders can be placed and confirmed, and other WooCommerce plugins can also be used. Although it is not a free plugin, the one-time fee is reasonable, and the Plugin comes with helpful features.

It works with WordPress with or without the WooCommerce Plugin. However, the latter is highly recommended since it turns WordPress into a full-fledged dropshipping shop.

Features unique to this WooCommerce dropshipping add-on are outlined below.


  • Order automation
  • Automatic order monitoring
  • Integration of payment system
  • Perform order fulfilment automatically
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Offers a vast selection of products to choose from.
  • One-click order fulfilment once a sale has been made.
  • Multiple front-end and back-end personalisation options.
  • One-time purchase includes permanent updates
  • Simple to establish and employ
  • Product distribution to suppliers
  • Unclaimed trolley retrieval
  • Comprehensive monitor
  • Automated indexing and import
  • Notification to suppliers

The price of the Plugin is $89.

3. WooCommerce Dropshipping

The WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin for WordPress is an extremely effective dropshipping tool. It collaborates with online marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, and other drop shippers to provide customers with the broadest selection of products.

When you get an order, the Plugin will immediately notify the appropriate drop shipper. This occurs behind the scenes. There is also a section for providers to log in and view pertinent order data if necessary.

It’s a robust plugin that can import items directly from the Plugin itself, through a Chrome extension, or even from a CSV file.

All of these options are available. You can import photographs and product descriptions, change them, and then utilise them on your website. After that, you may determine the profit margin and start making sales.


  • Quick and easy configuration with practical defaults
  • Providing Item Identification Numbers
  • Supplier and customer bills, packing slips, and email correspondence
  • Supports both Amazon’s affiliate program and AliExpress’s
  • Dropshipping and order fulfilment from nearby providers
  • Uses several dropship suppliers, including Amazon and AliExpress
  • You may import using a CSV file, a Chrome add-on, or a plugin.
  • Rapidly importing stock from vendors.
  • Every purchase is instantly sent to vendors.
  • All orders come with a packing slip in PDF format.
  • Free add-on for Google Chrome

Pricing for the Plugin starts from $49 for a single site license with 1 year of support and updates.

4. DropshipMe

In contrast to AliDropship and WooDropship, DropshipMe works with a wide variety of hand-picked drop shippers rather than relying just on AliExpress as its supplier. Because DropshipMe employs a selected list of items and providers, you have a bit less choice, but those suppliers have been checked out to ensure that they are reliable, so everything should run well.

It allows you to import goods from a selected list of the dropshipping items selling the best. This enables you to construct a fully working shop with extensive product data quickly and simply.

This Plugin displays thousands of goods from hundreds of different lines free of charge. Instead of paying for the Plugin itself, you pay for “packages” that include a certain quantity of the products you offer for sale. Although it is a complicated system, you will eventually get used to it.

DropshipMe will also choose the finest suppliers with a history of meeting delivery deadlines and customer expectations to guarantee that your orders will be fulfilled successfully.

Aside from that, the Plugin operates in a manner that is similar to that of the others. After installation and configuration, you can add goods and adjust profit margins.

Every product title, description, and picture has been tweaked to get the highest possible conversion rate. In addition to this, it integrates genuine customer reviews so that your product pages have additional social evidence.

The total number of imported packages determines their price structure. You just have to pay the one-time fee to import those goods, and if you want more items, you can simply purchase another import package.


  • Easily Search
  • Notifications of Purchase Orders to Vendors
  • Supplemental add-ons and plugins
  • 50,000+ of the trendiest items, selected by hand
  • Optimised Product Listings and Pictures
  • Descriptions may be imported easily.
  • Trustworthiness is essential in a curated drop shipper.
  • Adds social evidence by importing actual customer testimonials
  • Easy to set up, and there’s even a free option!
  • Recommended pricing markup

The DropshipMe Plugin for WooCommerce is free, but you must pay for packages to sell.

5. WP Amazon Shop

The WP Amazon Shop plugin allows users to become Amazon affiliates and engage in dropshipping. This Plugin, which has Amazon as one of its partners, makes it possible for you to search Amazon’s database of millions of goods quickly and simply directly from the WordPress dashboard.

A few mouse clicks are required to choose and import Amazon goods into your WooCommerce shop. Your affiliate ID will be appended to each of the product URLs automatically.

The Plugin’s interface is very user-friendly. Prepare it for use by importing items and setting up an Amazon Affiliate account (if you don’t already have one). To ensure you are paid for your efforts, the Plugin may append your affiliate ID to each purchase, and you can choose a profit margin.

Despite the poor quality of its instructions, this WordPress dropshipping plugin is quite user-friendly.

You may also apply an automated percentage base price for dropshipping, which the software enables you to do. Because of this, you won’t have to go through the trouble of adjusting the prices of each product you import.

You can also import product photographs to your website with the help of the Plugin. After that, you can alter and trim photos in WordPress according to your preferences.


  • Quick to learn and utilise
  • Simple and Easy setup
  • The presentation and manual are now available
  • Keyword-based product displays
  • Get additional items on the search results page.
  • Uses Amazon and the popular affiliate platform Simple to add and edit goods and pricing.
  • Allows for Fine-Grained Product Control
  • Bring in goods labelled with the bare essentials
  • The importance of review stars
  • Features ‘load more’ and other Ajax-based options for further intrigue.

WP Amazon Shop ranges from $59 for a single site to $139 for ten sites or $99.

6. Dropified

Dropified is a dropshipping plugin compatible with WooCommerce and provides an easy way to fulfil customer orders using AliExpress and other online retailers.

In addition, it utilises the Chrome extension that allows you to add goods from AliExpress to your website with just one click.

A robust research tool allows you to investigate items in great detail so that you may sell just the ones that are the most popular or bring in the greatest profit.

For a more well-rounded approach, Dropified also allows dropshipping via eBay, Amazon, Costco, and more than a hundred additional retailers. You may rapidly list your items after adding them from inside the Plugin.

Order fulfilment is automatic, and the Plugin even contains an image editor so that you may improve the product photographs, which are often dubious, to suit your requirements better.


  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Automatic margin markup
  • Access to extensive training resources
  • Access to a massive catalogue of products from suppliers such as Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, etc.
  • A Chrome extension to quickly add products from supplier’s websites to your store
  • Save up to 500 products on custom product boards
  • Integrated image editor
  • One user maximum

Depending on the scope of your business, Dropified might cost anything from $47 to $197 monthly.

7. Spocket

Suppose you seek dropshipping providers specialising in supplying goods from the United States and Europe. In that case, Spocket is one of the most often used options.

On this site, you can access a comprehensive selection of authentic goods from the United States and the European Union. You can choose your items from the most appealing categories and try them by ordering samples.

Because it is compatible with various eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, and Wix, integrating the service with your online business is a simple process. The most notable aspect of this service is that you can locate dropshipping services with a short delivery period.


  • It’s simple to set up and utilise.
  • Quick and simple order processing
  • Advanced tools for finding and filtering things to add
  • Profitability enhanced by favourable wholesale rates
  • Wide variety of goods available for purchase.

Spocket’s monthly fee ranges from $12 to $299, depending on the store’s size.

8. Printful

You may make and sell unique items with the help of Printful. Easy product selection and personalisation options are available. Quickly and easily come up with original layouts with user-friendly design software. In addition, it’s easy to include in your existing e-commerce infrastructure.

The printed goods offered by Printful’s on-demand service may be resold in your online shop. There are many advanced options to tweak, but after you’ve done so, the Plugin will take over and handle everything else.

While Printful’s selection may be less than that of other eCommerce platforms, the quality of its prints is unparalleled. You need just look at how highly rated it is to realise how impressive it is.


  • WooCommerce compatibility with no fuss
  • The quality of the prints is superb.
  • Mockup generator that packs a punch for commercial product design
  • Integration with WooCommerce and app management are easy.
  • In addition to accepting personalised orders, you may make your items.

Spocket’s monthly fee ranges from $12 to $299, depending on the store’s size.

9. Spreadr

Spreadr is a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin that differs from the others in that it is not designed to function as an all-encompassing store plugin. To use the Plugin, you must have an existing website with content.

There are two different ways that Spreadr leverages Amazon to fulfil customer purchases. You have the option of working as a typical Amazon Affiliate, in which case you will earn the very minimum while putting in the absolute bare minimum amount of effort, or you may work utilising a classic dropshipping setup, in which case you will make more money while putting in somewhat more effort.

This is a prerequisite. Because of this, the Plugin is more suitable for websites that wish to add a shop as an additional rather than websites that are solely devoted to eCommerce.

The rest is straightforward. Register for the appropriate selling option, and then add items by using the Plugin and the URL for the product. Amazon will handle everything else for you.


  • Ability to import many categories at once
  • Some items have respectable commission rates.
  • May sell anything not included in Amazon’s Prime program
  • Choose between affiliate marketing and drop shipping.
  • Superior to new online retailers for established sites

Depending on the size of your business, the monthly fee for using the Spreadr WordPress dropshipping plugin ranges from $6 to $60.

Which Platform is Best for Dropshipping Woocommerce Or Shopify?

Online merchants may have orders fulfilled by a wholesaler or manufacturer using dropshipping rather than stocking inventory. This frees you, the online shop owner, from the burden of stocking and delivering things. The dropship provider takes care of all inventory and delivery for you.

The dropshipping approach, specifically WooCommerce dropshipping as opposed to Shopify dropshipping, has several advantages. Consider these pros and disadvantages when deciding on an e-commerce platform for your drop-shipping company.


When it comes to WooCommerce, there is no cost involved. To answer your question, WooCommerce is a free add-on to WordPress, an open-source CMS. Because of its user-friendliness, WooCommerce has come to dominate the e-commerce market.

Currently, it controls around 29% of the global eCommerce platform market. WooCommerce itself is free. However, we still have to pay roughly $10 monthly for hosting.

However, Shopify is also a user-friendly e-commerce option. Its drag-and-drop interface simplifies the process of running an online shop. Shopify’s user-friendliness is undeniable, but it comes at a higher price than alternatives like WooCommerce. Shopify’s starting package is $29.


You probably know visitors will not stick around on a website with poor user interfaces. Therefore, the look and feel of an online shop are crucial.

Shopify’s 60+ available themes are a plus if you use them for a drop-shipping firm. However, it has a major disadvantage: it only offers 10 free themes.

However, WooCommerce provides us with access to tens of thousands of free templates for our online shop’s appearance. The greatest thing is that many themes are freely available and completely adaptable to meet your every dropshipping shop need.

Set up Time

Shopify’s intuitive interface makes establishing a shop for your dropshipping company quick and painless. Depending on your skill level, a WooCommerce shop may be up and running in about 15 minutes with managed WooCommerce hosting.

More than one Shopify dropshipping shop requires a new store creation from the ground up. WooCommerce, on the other hand, eliminates the requirement to restart from scratch; all you have to do is download and activate the Duplicator plugin. This Plugin will transfer everything from one shop to another in a few minutes.

Help and Support

Shopify provides excellent customer service. The round-the-clock customer service it offers is a definite plus. Contact the Shopify development company if you run into any issues, and you should get a response within a few minutes.

However, official assistance is unavailable for WooCommerce. However, this isn’t to say that WooCommerce will ever get support. Since WooCommerce is freely accessible to the public, questions about it or WordPress, in general, may be asked in any of the many online WordPress support forums. Here is where WooCommerce shines.


Shopify’s App Market is where you can get add-ons to make your shop even more powerful and efficient. Shopify’s more than 1200 Apps require payment after a free trial period.

There are 75,000 add-ons available, much more than WooCommerce offers. It’s a plus because most add-ons cost nothing extra to use. The nicest aspect of WooCommerce is that there is almost certainly a plugin for any functionality you need.

Ideas to Boost Your Dropshipping Business

If you are looking to boost your business with dropshipping, then here are the key tips to follow:

Make Use of Festive Sales

Since the drop shipper has no stock, they don’t need to limit the number of products they offer. You may create a yearlong calendar of what you can sell throughout certain holidays and seasons. Holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc., are perfect opportunities to sell seasonal goods.

Distribute Exclusive Goods

Most drop shippers focus on selling gadgets or apparel, increasing sellers’ numbers, and lowering prices. Find a certain market, focus your efforts, and then offer your knowledge.

You Can’t Win on Price Alone

While most drop shippers focus only on pricing, you’ll have an advantage if you can think beyond the box. You may charge more for your goods or service by including extras like professional advice, discounts, free delivery, etc.

Distribute Product Bundles

Product bundling helps cut shipping costs, adds a point of differentiation, and moves those hard-to-move leftovers. Products that go well together may be sold as a bundle. Smartphones and headphones, for instance, make a great bundle, as do electrical cords and televisions.

Effective Customer Service

Dropshipping is competitive, but you can set yourself apart by providing exceptional customer service. Provide prompt replies to client emails, keep them informed about the status of their orders, and other little but important details to set yourself apart from the competition by providing excellent customer service.


If you put in the time and effort to master it, drop Shipping may be a game-changer in your business. There is no clear victory between Shopify and WooCommerce regarding dropshipping. Your needs and the needs of your company will determine the outcome.

Shopify is great if you’re just starting and don’t know much about technology since it allows you to set up a shop quickly and easily. Although it could have a higher cost, there is no question that it is well worth it.

WooCommerce stores, on the other hand, take more effort to set up. Thus, they may be better suited to eCommerce specialists. But because it’s open source, you can do anything you want with it if you have the knowledge and ability.

Whether you’ve decided on Shopify or WooCommerce but aren’t happy with your choice, NFlowTech is always there to help you with your online business. To know more – contact us at [email protected].

We hope you’ve learned something new about dropshipping and have a better understanding of how it works on two of the most popular eCommerce platforms as a result of reading our post. If you have any inquiries, please get in touch.


How Does WooCommerce Integrate with Dropshipping?

You must activate this feature and configure it in WooCommerce before you can begin dropshipping from your shop. By default, WooCommerce allows users to sell items sourced from Amazon and AliExpress and items sourced from the user’s local community.

However, by adding a dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce, you may access many more dropshipping providers. When you enable dropshipping in your WooCommerce shop, orders will be sent to the dropshipping service, which will then contact a supplier to arrange shipment of the requested goods. You can monitor sales and expenses in one central location with a dropshipping plugin.

What is the Best Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress?

You want to be sure that the Plugin you pick won’t slow down your site or restrict the number of goods you can add to your shop. Online shops that sell items from AliExpress should use a plugin like AliDropship. If you want to sell items with your designs, you should check out Printful.

Is WooCommerce Good for Dropshipping?

WooCommerce is a leading platform for dropshipping online stores. Although there is no fee to enable dropshipping on a WooCommerce shop, you may need to pay for a plugin to import items.

WooCommerce’s admin area is where you can change your site’s basic dropshipping settings, personalise emails sent to suppliers, and handle packing slip management. You can easily locate a plugin that allows you to import items from Amazon, AliExpress, or Etsy since WooCommerce is compatible with all the most popular dropshipping platforms. WooCommerce’s built-in tools simplify managing suppliers, so shop owners can easily get items from nearby vendors.

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