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Shopify Editions Summer 2023: What’s New?

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Do you know about Shopify’s summer edition features? Yes. at regular intervals, Shopify introduces an updated range of products and services known as the “Shopify Edition.” These offerings include the latest features and improvements to help brands, agencies, and developers leverage Shopify’s expertise, top-notch solutions, and artificial intelligence advancements.

Shopify has declared its commitment to AI technology as a key driver of exponential progress. Entrepreneurs, inventors, merchants, and corporate clients are urged to contemplate bold ambitions beyond their existing horizons. Indeed, research shows that companies utilizing AI capabilities enjoy significant advantages over their rivals.

Just recently, the Shopify editions summer 2023 were launched, featuring Glen Coates, Vice President of Product, who provided a detailed presentation on more than 100 product upgrades engineered to simplify sophisticated demands across various industries. By doing so, these tools empower organizations to capitalize on emerging opportunities within the eCommerce sector.

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Top Shopify new features to look for in the Shopify summer edition

1. Shopify’s Checkout just got better

Talking about Shopify summer edition features, Shopify Checkout leads the way when it comes to third-party e-commerce solutions, according to a report by a renowned global consultancy giant, which showed Shopify enjoys a 15% higher conversion rate compared to its competitors.

The company boasts impressive statistics of processing nearly half a trillion dollars’ worth of sales and supporting almost five hundred sixty million online buyers last year. These staggering numbers give the platform immense power to collect valuable data helping drive improvements at breakneck speeds.

The recently released Shopify Summer ’23 edition provides additional ways to make purchases easy using custom delivery options such as pickup points, delivery times, and selected addresses. Shoppers will find this exciting update in addition to around two dozen fresh APIs providing greater flexibility for partners and software developers. As the future unfolds, expect further groundbreaking technology advances and unparalleled simplicity in managing a store thanks to innovative Shopify technology. Let your imagination take flight with 100 novel ideas debuting in the latest edition, including those designed specifically for new and veteran merchants alike.


2. Reimagining business credit cards with Shopify Credit

Discussing Shopify’s new features, Shopify recognized the struggle faced by small business owners who require convenient and flexible payment options without having to sacrifice their peace of mind due to hidden charges and complex terms. To address this issue head-on, the company created Shopify Credit, an exclusive card designed especially for Shopify merchants in association with Stripe and Visa.

The Shopify Credit card has been meticulously crafted, keeping the convenience and comfort of merchants in mind. It offers 3% cash back on qualified transactions and features a simple, no-fee application process.

Unlike other credit cards offered by banks and financial institutions, Shopify Credit has no fees attached – including no monthly or annual fee, no setup or late fee, and absolutely no fees whatsoever. Moreover, the credit limit is calculated solely based on the sales performance of a merchant rather than their credit score history.

Notably, Shopify Credit is only accessible to US-based merchants with active accounts who pass Stripe’s fraud check requirements and approval criteria. However, merchants approved for the Shopify Credit Card also enjoy access to Shopify Capital, a product that allows merchants to acquire funds rapidly to aid growth and operation expansion.

Additionally, merchants benefit from Shopify Balance which enables straightforward management of finances and Shopify Bill Pay which makes vendor expenses straightforward and simple.


3. One of its kind AI-enabled Assistant for Commerce

As a third-party observer, it’s clear that advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are transforming various aspects of society, from customer interactions to operational efficiency across different industries. Business owners stand to gain tremendously from these technological breakthroughs thanks to innovations. One of them is Sidekick – a trailblazing AI companion that equips entrepreneurs with powerful capabilities reminiscent of comic book heroes alongside their trusty sidekicks. This is one of my favourite features of Shopify editions in summer 2023.

Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify, firmly believes that “AI represents an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurship,” reflecting his experience dating back to the ’90s within the tech sector. The launch of Sidekick serves as a testament to this conviction.

As a groundbreaking AI-driven solution within the Shopify ecosystem, Sidekick acts as a personalized commerce assistant, empowering users with valuable insights when making decisions about their ventures. Whether seeking assistance during the initial stages or scaling operations, business owners receive tailored guidance from conversational interfaces that adapt to individual preferences.


With Sidekick by one’s side, countless tasks become effortless. Users can request recommendations on setting promotional discounts, optimizing website designs for specific occasions, exploring sales trends, and receiving training tutorials, among many others. Such support enables merchants to concentrate on honing their unique offerings and capitalize on opportunities emerging from the dynamic landscape shaped by AI.

4. Shopify Collective For B2B Growth

Shopify has introduced yet another revolutionary feature aimed at helping merchants expand their product offerings without incurring significant costs or risks. Dubbed Shopify Collective, this platform presents a straightforward approach whereby sellers can augment their range by partnering with fellow merchants listed on Shopify.

Shopify Collective For B2B Growth

This alliance ensures direct delivery of items to customers, enhancing participant sales margins. In essence, Shopify Collective offers swift bargain hunting and purchase facilitation between associated vendors – thus rendering warehousing and hassling over fresh supplier discovery issues relics of the past.

The potency of Shopify Collective has been validated by the success story of Drake Related – a fine illustration of this novel arrangement’s effectiveness. By collaborating with several other illustrious Shopify labels like Funboy, Elder Statesman, KRINK, etcDrake Related created exclusive items that bolstered its catalogue. At present, this facility is obtainable only to US-based merchants.

In addition to Shopify Collective, the corporation has developed B2B on Shopify – an elite means for vendors to trade wholesale. With an estimated $7.9trln, the universal wholesale industry remains a veritable goldmine waiting to be tapped.

To that end, Shopify continues to enhance its investments in this sphere by rolling out state-of-the-art functionalities such as bulk pricing & company account applications. This Edition, B2B on Shopify, is set to unleash improved attributes geared towards fostering participant firms’ B2B transactions.

5. Shopify’s Unbelievable Shopify Marketplace Connect

As sellers expand their business ventures, so does the number of platforms they engage with, leading to 42% of online vendors actively operating on four or more marketplaces. However, juggling various sales channels becomes challenging and often requires distinct methods or software tools specific to each marketplace to monitor inventory, process orders, and generate item lists.

Therefore, Shopify presents the latest update in Shopify’s new features – the Marketplace Connect app – designed specifically for merchants seeking a centralized approach to managing their diverse sales activities on leading marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

By linking them all via Shopify, users can attain greater efficiency and focus on reaching newer consumer bases without being bogged down by intricate procedures. This feature is immediately accessible to all Shopify traders, beginning right away.

Wrap Up

In this Shopify summer edition feature, we have seen numerous innovations centred on integrating artificial intelligence into modern commerce practices. In particular, introducing Shopify Magic and bringing forth Sidekick aims to grant entrepreneurs fresh opportunities to prop themselves ahead of competitors.

Though, some shortcomings were observed regarding the newly introduced checkout system, which lacked similar liquid customizability aspects present earlier. But future upgrades should soon rectify these concerns and usher in cutting-edge advancements.

Overall, Shopify’s new features offer enterprises potent instruments vital for realizing long-term success amidst the evolving digital landscape. Feel free to contact NFlow Shopify experts for personalized consultations detailing the benefits headed your way.

Author Nevil Bhatt
Nevil Bhatt

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