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eCommerce 19 Mar 2023

15 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Shopify Sales to the Moon

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Commencing and promoting an online business with a Shopify store for the first time is exciting. However, it can even be a nail-biting experience if you are not aware of all the Shopify tricks. These tricks can enable you to increase sales through your eCommerce store.

So, one of the flaws made by new store owners includes over-optimizing of incorrect stuff while ignoring the eCommerce development and sales essentials. So, in this blog post, we will walk around tips for Shopify store owners to boom their sales in 2023.

Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Shopify Sales This Year


Strategies To Boost Shopify Sales | NFlow Tech

1. Mobile-First Strategy

Around 70% of global users are dynamically active on their mobiles. So, it moves from an effortless search to placing an online order all managed by a mobile device. A research study newly forecasted that by 2020, around 34% of all eCommerce sales will be enabled by a mobile phone. Even Google has proposed a study that more than 50% of searches on Google are through mobile devices.

2. Social Selling and Listening

Social media channels help users communicate and discuss topics. Now, with more target audiences using social media channels, the platform has turned significant for product marketing and even led to indirect sales by reaching out to probable customers.

Also, social listening is a precise extension of social media selling. Social Media Marketing is even more useful when it comes to sharing comments and reviews after buying or using a specific product.

3. Targeting Keywords

Using keyword targeting, we assist clients in marketing their online shops not only just by paid search campaigns but even by targeting keywords in the content and with SEO tactics across the web.

4. eCommerce Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy

By using highly searched keywords in your website pages to update the Meta title and description, you can stay relevant with online marketing tactics through an eCommerce growth marketing agency. It is really significant to have a competitive SEO and digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of your rivals.

5. Facebook Marketing in Shopify

It is easy to handle everything in Shopify with eCommerce marketing services. You can build, manage, and monitor your Facebook ad campaigns without leaving Shopify. You can further use your campaign data to gain insights and make enhancements to Facebook marketing with time.

6. Native Ads

Native advertising is an effective way to market your online store by displaying ads on a site in a native raw form. So that it looks like an ingredient of that site’s content. These ads are not pushy and can adequately promote your eCommerce store.

7. Google Shopping Ads in Shopify

Google paid campaigns help reach high-target users when it comes to showcasing people’s ads based on what they are searching online.

For instance, if people are searching for the “best vacuum cleaner for their furniture cleaning,” then Google finds and shows them ads for buying vacuum cleaners to resolve their problem.
On the other hand, taking indications from Amazon, Google swiftly realized that people are directly searching for product recommendations online and expect to explore the finest products. This made Google set up Google Shopping Ads and Google AdWords in Shopify, which helps eCommerce business owners in promoting their products.

8. Landing Pages and A/B Testing Ads

Promoting an online store can be an off-putting task if you don’t really know what kind of content will be helpful for your likely audience. Additionally, your work does not end by just building a good-looking eCommerce-driven website or setting up campaigns. You require evolving the end-user experience by testing diverse landing pages, ads and also emails constantly.

9. Email Marketing and Automated Campaigns

The progressions of digital and email marketing tools have enabled us to reach our target audiences quickly. The automated email campaigns even promote eCommerce shops to users who have explored or left the website cart without buying a product. So, retargeting such users with automated emails is a helpful tactic for boosting conversions.

10. Content Strategy and Blog Posts

Content strategy can build or crack your business. How-to blogs, user reviews, FAQs, and swift user testimonial videos are effective eCommerce tactics to boost traffic to your online store.

11. Precise Product Instructions

Whether it is FAQs or added spec information drawn out in a simple consume way, follow whatever you can to make sure your product is the most user-friendly on the marketplaces.

12. Using Newsletters

Newsletters work like monthly magazine subscriptions which can be delivered online and directly to your inbox. It offers opportunities to connect with your loyal customers and prospects, promoting your online store.

13. Influencer Marketing

With an influencer marketing strategy, companies can use the popularity of an influencer and partner to promote their eCommerce products.

14. Adopt the Latest Tools

They are useful audio files that are live-streamed which a consumer can listen to by subscribing or downloading to the cast. This digital technology can be used by brands while their prospects are travelling or are on the move.

15. Differ from What Amazon Does

Bringing in customizations and specifications on products makes you do what a mass site like Amazon can’t do effectively. And where small-sized and knowledgeable brands like yours can do well.

Key Takeaways

Identifying an eCommerce sales strategy is a significant part of a successful online business. How you plan the landing of your targeted audiences on your products, differentiating from the competitors, and converting consumers matters a lot. As a leading eCommerce marketing company, we at NFlowTech, enable digital marketing strategies with Google Ads in Shopify, Google Ads, Google Shopping ads, eCommerce Social Media Marketing, and SEO services. To know more – contact us at [email protected].

Author Nevil Bhatt
Nevil Bhatt

Nevil is the owner of one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in India. Having a great knowledge of the IT field and business management, he decided to bring a revolution in the digital world by providing valuable and customised solutions across the globe. Whether it's real or digital, he knows how to handle sustainable relationships and meaningful interactions.

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