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Case Study
Of Tonic Studios UK & USA (SINCE 2017)

  • Category Development & Marketing
  • Client Tonic Studios UK & USA
  • Start Date January 2019
  • Industry Arts & Crafts
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Brand Story

Tonic Studios was established in the UK in 2001, initially focusing on the stationery, office, paper crafts, and garden hand tools markets in collaboration with other brands.

Tonic Studios USA opened for business on the 1st of January 2015. Tonic USA is excited to be developing its base in California, with a new 16,000 square foot facility opening in September of 2019.

Tonic branded items include all our dies, tools, and accessories. From paper trimmers to 3D die-cutting products, at the heart of Tonic is the cut.

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Tonic had created a beautiful Shopify store with a wide range of products, but they had little to no visibility through organic search. Tonic was given the task of optimising the Shopify store for search.

  • Broken product & collection pages that were returning a “HTTP 200 OK” status, but were rendering incorrectly and displaying blank pages
  • Numerous warnings with their Product schema markup, which was affecting the in the SERP and losing out on the potential to increase CTR as a result
  • Mixed content where HTTPS protocol URLs were also loading unsecured HTTP resources, breaking SSL which is a ranking factor
  • Pages that were not optimised, had low keyword density, and had thin content
  • Pages weren’t being crawled or indexed in an optimal way
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  • Research ad creative toward purchasing
  • Reworked filtering and faceted navigation to guide browsers through thousands of product pages
  • Research and optimized top category and brand pages
  • Improved site navigation and internal linking

What We Did

  • Consolidated similar and duplicate content pages
  • Re-optimized product pages with new titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, images, and more
  • De-optimizing keyword-stuffed pages
  • Targeting non-branded, high-intent search terms
  • Built and optimized product data feed to launch new Shopping campaigns
  • Analyzed conversion paths’ overlap with paid social and optimized for multi-channel success
  • Used existing video assets to optimize ad creative toward product purchase
  • Optimizing their Google product data feed with brand, sizes, and other important details
  • Analyzing historical data and targeting highest-return search queries
  • Search-focused homepage vs. content-focused homepage
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While increasing our client's traffic in a highly competitive niche was difficult, the effort paid off handsomely.

We improved sales from 700K$ to 2.1M$ in Tonic USA & 268K£ to 1.5M£ in Tonic UK

We saw a 20%+ increase in organic traffic within two weeks of implementing the proposed changes.

The authority has steadily increased month after month, and with it, the total number of users. The domain authority increased from ten to twenty in four months.

We were able to significantly increase traffic to our client's website using a well-planned SEO strategy.


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