It’s an era of Mobile application, there are millions of applications available in the app store and thousands of applications are launching every day. Today all the major industries like finance & banking, health-care, Hotels & restaurants, travel booking, online shopping, education sector, games & entertainment etc uses the mobile applications to improve the productivity, save their time, easy to manage and the important thing is it’s handy all the time.

I have personally noticed that everyone expect the organic traffic for own application’s visit & downloads but marketing and promotion requires a lot of time & money investment which is not easy for everyone.

Here are the 8 useful ways to get the better organic traffic and to get the higher ranking in play store & marketplace.

1. User Experience (UX/UI):

Device Compatibility: Your application can be easily worked on all the devices and there will be no any design issues.

Navigation: Make sure your that User Experience should be easy for application and it navigate easily.
Application Size: Users don’t want to occupy a large amount of memory with only one application so the chances of uninstallation will increase so build your application package with lower size.

2. App store Setup:

Title: Application name which should be related to your application concept and the keyword usage in application name which give the clear recognization and easy to search.
Description: This is most important, describe your application in a very short and use the selected keywords couple of times so that will give the boost in terms of ranking.
URL: Your application URL should be SEO friendly so it will easy to find on search engines.
Key Features / Short Description: App users are always looking for the features list of the application before download it. So represent all the app features on the play store perfectly.
Annie Application Tool: You can use this application where you can see the keyword ranking and analysis.

3. Graphics & Multimedia:

As a human psychology, people are more likely to see the graphics first instead of reading the big paragraphs. Before launching your mobile application on the Goole Play Store, prepare some multimedia materials like introductory video, High-quality screen shots of applications, Coming soon landing page for your application with CTA (Call to Action) button like “Get the App Now” OR “Quick Install” etc.

4. Identify the Market & Application Users:

You must know who is your audience, what industry you are focusing on, What solution you give to them, what’s new for them out of millions of other applications.
Pitch your audience at the right time with the new idea because execution is more important than the developing an application.

5. App store Promotions:

App Referrals: This is the easy way to get the targeted result for your application.
Bonus: Give the bonus to users when they download the application.
Discounts: When you put your application for sale, give the best discount to get the targeted downloads from play store.
Application version-Update with new Features: Keep updated your application features so your application user will engage with it.

6. Ratings & Reviews:

Without having the best reviews and ratings on application no one will like to install the application. I personally check at least 8-9 reviews about the application before installation.
So make sure your audience or user have the application which they really like and give their valuable reviews for your application.

7. ASO (Application Search Optimization):

Just like the SEO for better website ranking on the Search Engines like Google, ASO is useful to get the application ranking on Search Engines.
Content Marketing: Content is the most important part of any mobile app. Prepare the best content for your application with targeted keywords which relate to your application name.
Social Media Platforms: This is the main platforms where you get the high-level of engagement from the audience. Because people are addicted to social media and daily updates. Make your application launching viral.

8. Social Sharing:

Social sharing a plays a very important role to get the back links and the way to reach out the maximum audience. If you have the good amount of followers and associated with the groups, then it will be the best way to promote your application.
Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter are the platforms that use for the social sharing and currently, Instagram is highly in use. So share the post related to the application with quality content, keep engagement with your friends, do the sharing activities as much as you can.
I hope that above points will useful to get the organic traffic for your application and also increase the number of downloads as well.

Kindly share your thoughts, if you have any new ways in mind. Thanks for reading. 🙂


Nevil BhattCEO & Founder

Nevil is the owner of one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in India. Having a great knowledge of the IT field and business management, he decided to bring a revolution in the digital world by providing valuable and customized solutions across the globe. Whether it's real or digital, he knows how to handle sustainable relationships and meaningful interactions.

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