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Web Development 03 Mar 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Web Development Facts, Types & Process

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Developing a website for your upcoming venture or startup?

Does the word coding click to your mind while you thought of hiring web development services for building up your online presence?

This blog is designed to help business owners and side-hustlers acknowledge some information on web development. After reading the technical aspects, we will ensure that the readers can conclude hiring the best web development company.

A lot of non-technical entrepreneurs are confused between web design and development. However, website development includes web design, programming, and database management. But, website design doesn’t include web development. So, we should keep the topics different to avoid confusion.

What is Web Development?

Developing or building a website structure either using a single text webpage or multi-page web coding refers to web development. It also includes creating beautiful web pages using a web application. In short, the overall construction of a website using programming languages and apps is known as website development.

The horizon of website development is quite broad. It cannot be defined using mere content or graphics. While you connect to a web development firm, you get to know the details, including its platforms, types, programming languages, process, etc. Each of these things decides the budget of building a website.

Web Development Facts

1: Do you that websites have less than 3 seconds to impress the visitor?

2: Low-speed websites can increase the bounce rate of your website. 8 out of 10 users will leave the website if it has loading or UI issues.

3: It takes approximately 4-8 weeks for building a fully-structured website

4: The world has around 0.1 million registered website development agencies offering website design and development services.

Where to Hire Web Development

In the rapidly advancing digital age, hiring top-notch web development services is crucial for business success. Among the options, Webisoft ranks as the premier choice for custom web development solutions. With a focus on innovation, quality, and client satisfaction, they offer a tailored approach that meets the unique needs of each business. Other avenues for hiring web development include platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer, which provide access to a wide range of freelance developers and agencies. However, for businesses seeking a blend of creativity, expertise, and a proven track record, Webisoft stands out as the number one option, providing end-to-end web development services that ensure a strong online presence.

Web Development Platforms

Here are a few web development platforms you can focus on to develop your business website.

Web Development Platforms

1. React Native

React Native’s adaptability is a significant feature. Server and mobile platforms may be utilized with this library simultaneously. Declarative programming, another aspect of the library, makes the code more concise and easier to comprehend.

If your company needs Single-Page Apps (SPAs) or enterprise-level applications, the framework is the perfect choice for you. For example, react was used by PayPal and Airbnb for big companies!

2. jQuery

An essential benefit of this technology is that it is open source and has a small amount of easy understanding. Commercial and personal use of the jQuery library is free. In addition, web apps and AJAX-based applications may be developed more easily using this tool.

3. Angular

JavaScript framework Angular is now the most popular open-source development tool.

Creating SPAs with MVC design and web pages for desktop and mobile platforms is a robust multipurpose framework. Angular is an excellent tool for web developers who wish to rise through the ranks quickly.

Other platforms include WordPress, OpenCart, Django, Express.

Web Development Programming Languages

According to a survey of 2021, JavaScript was utilized by over 65 percent of respondents, while HTML/CSS was used by just over 56 percent of those surveyed worldwide. The top five most extensively used programming languages are Ruby, PHP, Perl, and Ruby on Rails.web development services

1. JavaScript

A lightweight interpreted programming language; JavaScript is often utilized to enrich and add information to a web page. You can do anything from basic button additions to elaborate animations with it. With simple instructions inserted within script> tags inside an HTML page, JavaScript enhances the browser’s built-in engine and provides additional capabilities.

Modifying and creating new web pages from scratch is easy when JavaScript is installed on your PC. JavaScript is a popular choice for web designers because it is well-supported by most web browsers.


HTML is the most straightforward programming language. Building a website or web app requires understanding HTML and other related technologies. Developers may design your HTML code to meet your demands since most websites are constructed on top of HTML.

With HTML, you can get a head start on programming code that does more than just show data on the screen.

3. Python

Python is an excellent choice for web development since it can accomplish nearly everything. A language that may be used in a wide variety of businesses and for various purposes. Python is very simple to learn if you’ve worked with other programming languages before. Major IT firms are always on the lookout for qualified Python programmers.

Python is a great tool to have when it comes to web development, artificial intelligence, or extensive data analysis. Even novice programmers can build bug-free code since Python is simple to learn and use.

4. SQL

SQL is a logical option if you’re working on a web project requiring data science or dealing with large databases. Good databases for querying and data analysis are to blame. However, when learning a new language, the only way to understand it is to practice.

5. Swift

Swift is a multi-paradigm language developed by Apple that is very quick and reliable. Using iOS applications on an Apple device is a breeze with this solution. Although Swift is supported by a wide range of platforms and libraries, including various Linux distributions, it is essential to confirm before you get started with it.

There are other languages too – depending on your requirement.

Types of Web Development

The three primary forms of web development are as follows:

Types of Web Development

1. Front-end web development

Front-end web development is in charge of a website’s appearance and feel. This refers to the appearance of colors, typography, icons, and graphics. Front-end development now must consider how a website appears across all platforms, from desktop to tablet to phone.

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are all common programming languages. Front-end developers stay current on cutting-edge web design and development trends to ensure that websites are optimized for consumers and search engines while adhering to security best practices.

2. Back-end web development

Back-end web development is in charge of creating and maintaining the code that powers a website. This code links the website to the server and guarantees that the website is appropriately routed to and processed.

Back-end web developers may stay current with technological advancements by joining networking groups that exchange coding techniques and resources.

3. Full-stack web development

Web development on a full-stack basis encompasses both front-end and back-end duties. Depending on its complexity, a full-stack developer may be responsible for all aspects of a website’s development, from the server-side to the user interface.

While many full-stack engineers continue to specialize in a particular component of web development, their breadth of knowledge is advantageous for diagnosing and expediting a build or redesign.

Web Development Process

To create a website, we described the seven stages that should be followed from beginning to end.

1: Plan your website

2: Select the appropriate design for the website

3: Create suitable content

4: Develop website

5: Test the website

6: Launch/publish the website

7: Maintain the website regularly

Wrapping Up!

We help startups and SMEs to get the digital face of their business by designing beautiful websites. Crafting beautiful websites and making them live is exactly what we do! Connect with our website & ecommerce development lead for helping you know which is the best website type and platform for your business. Let’s get connected and explore more possibilities for growing your business online.

Author Nevil Bhatt
Nevil Bhatt

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