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eCommerce 23 Feb 2024

Why Does Your eCommerce Need a Shopify Development Store? Dos and How’s

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Hey Reader! The curiosity to read and learn more about the Shopify development store has brought you here. And trust me, I won’t let you down on this.

You might have done online store development for your eCommerce business, and now you are thinking about whether the Shopify development store is fit for your business or not.

We will answer everything in this blog. But here is a stat which will blow your mind regarding Shopify.

During the 2022 fiscal year, Shopify made almost $5.6 billion in sales. Since 2015, Shopify’s overall revenue has increased by more than $4 billion, a significant increase during the time considered.

Shopify's overall revenue

If I try to answer why your eCommerce needs a Shopify development store, then I will keep it simple – businesses widely use Shopify as their e-commerce platform of choice due to its ease of use. Shopify supports more than 300,000 online shops.

Companies may save a lot of money using Shopify to create their online stores. Very few companies are willing to put in the time and effort required to develop custom software for an online shop. ecommerce development gives comprehensive tools that facilitate online selling.

The most significant part is that it’s inexpensive. Shopify development costs a little each month due to the low membership fee. Within 45-60 days, developers may add functionality and open the shop to the public.

What is a Shopify Development Store?

Shopify’s free, if limited, storefront creation option is ideal for those testing the waters. You may utilize a staging shop to try out your themes and applications or to get your customers set up with Shopify. A recurring commission is generated when you set up a Shopify development store for a customer and transfer it to them.

Online store development is no easy task, but Shopify can simplify the process significantly. Shopify is the chosen eCommerce platform for over a million companies because of its high standard of quality, efficiency, ease of use, and plenty of features. Online merchants may preview potential design changes to their virtual “storefronts” with the help of a Shopify development store account.

Unlike certain providers, Shopify Partners have access to an infinite number of staging shops, domains, and URLs. Furthermore, they are not limited to visual evaluation. A discount engine, real-time carrier-calculated shopping, abandoned checkout recovery, and 50 test orders are also included so you can test the functionality of your applications and extensions before going live with Shopify.

From the Partner Dashboard, you can sign up for a free Shopify development shop. There are no contracts to sign, and you get features on par with Shopify’s more expensive Advanced subscription. You can only download premium applications or create up to 10 private apps if you upgrade to a paid account.

Why Do You Need a Shopify Development Store?

Today, many online retailers use Shopify as their platform of choice. And with good cause! It’s simple to use, packed with features, and very adaptable.

But as your company expands, you could discover that you require features beyond what Shopify provides by default. That’s where the expertise of a Shopify app developer comes in.

Create a “secret” test shop on Shopify to try out new features, designs, and applications before releasing them to the public. There are two reasons why this is important:

One, you shouldn’t try out new things in your primary shop where you may lose money.

Second, you need a place to test out new concepts without disrupting regular business operations at your flagship location.

Try out new things at will at an online store development shop without worrying about how they’ll damage your bottom line. When you do discover a solution that works, it’s simple to use it in your primary shop.

Shopify Statistics

Can You Tell Me How to Start a Shopify Development Store?

A Shopify Partner account is required before a development shop can be created. The procedure is simple. It will ask for your name, email address, and the goal(s) you have in mind as a Shopify Partner. After your identity and account are verified, you’ll have access to the system for making your app shops.

Access your “Paraphrase” page from your “Shopify” page from your “Paraphrase” page. On this screen, click the option that says “Add Store.” You may choose the “development store” from a list of three stores by clicking this button. Setting a password, URL, and shop’s purpose are the last stages in creating a store for testing.

Shopify Partners, as was previously indicated, are permitted an infinite number of test shops. This provides you with the freedom to create Shopify shops for customers, themes, and applications or to experiment and share your knowledge with other developers.

How to Begin with Shopify for eCommerce Store Development?

Shopify’s development services shine because of their low cost and ease of use. Those who have extensive technical training will be able to navigate the platform easily. You can have your Shopify shop up and running with little effort in less than a day after signing up for the platform.

Selecting a Shopify plan is the first step. The most affordable plan is $29 per month and provides all the essential features that most local businesses want. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to build your business, from the basics to the premiums.

After that, you may change the look of your shop as you want by using a variety of themes, components, plugins, and integrations. Shopify’s e-commerce platform is a full-featured content management system (CMS) that provides a dashboard for managing all aspects of your business, including marketing, sales, and calculating profits.

Most organizations that desire flexibility and customization capabilities in the advanced phases employ Shopify developers for eCommerce stores. Themes are available to developers, who may then tailor them to your needs. Because the platform enables so many adjustments, it is advisable to engage Shopify specialists rather than attempting to handle everything by yourself.

Let’s take a look at why Shopify development services are the finest option for building an online store.

Why is it a Good Idea to Use a Shopify Development Store?

There are several advantages to using Shopify as your eCommerce platform’s development shop if you’re in the company. Shopify offers a staging environment where you can try out new features, designs, and applications without worrying about them showing up on your live shop.

The advantages of a Shopify online store development shop include the following:

  • Be sure that any changes to the live site have been thoroughly tested.
  • Experiment with different layouts without disrupting the live site.
  • New software may be installed and tested with no risk to the active site.
  •  These modifications may be made in draft mode without impacting the live site.

Before making changes to your live site, it’s a good idea to have clients or other stakeholders go to your development store and provide feedback.

Wrap Up

Shopify is an excellent option for anybody thinking about opening an online store or who currently has one and wants to upgrade it. Shopify’s powerful development tools may help you take your company to the next level once you’ve set up shop on their platform.

You can tailor your Shopify shop to look and function exactly as you want it to and how your customers want it to, with the help of a Shopify development store. So, why do you linger? Shopify is a development store that can help your company grow. Contact us to set up your Shopify store now.

Author Nevil Bhatt
Nevil Bhatt

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